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DR on 9 December 2014 to mark the celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day

Fundacion Masada, supported by dozens of social organizations, is calling for a protest nationwide and in public parks tomorrow, Tuesday 9 December 2014 to mark the celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day, created by the United Nations in 2003.

To mark the celebration, award-winning writer Juan Bolivar Diaz comments in Hoy: “In our country for a long time corruption has metastasized in the social body and not only defines the way politics is carried out in a caricature of excessively costly democracy but it has been the source of enormous fortunes, some of which compete with capitals amassed over decades.”

“There is a general feeling of embarrassment and indignation among the most sensitive and educated people when it comes to corruption, which nevertheless has roots among a wide segment of the population that seeks to benefit from some form of embezzlement. There is also a great complicity from private entrepreneurs who take bribes and obtain benefits from financing candidates at all levels,” he writes

Nevertheless, he writes that the massive wasteful spending that has led to the duplication of costs of public works, procurement and contracting is saturating the patience of citizens as expressed in recent polls.

In addition, the DR is ranked 115th out of 175 countries in perception of corruption, according to Transparency International. There are only seven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, of 35, where the population perceives that corruption is greater. Likewise, the DR is ranked among the bottom three in wasteful spending and favoritism exercised by government officials in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Forum ranking.

Fundacion Masada is urging everyone to turn on the lights of their vehicles during the day and the night, lamps, candles and flashlights and to visit public parks and squares as of 6pm to demonstrate their rejection of administrative corruption and impunity in the Dominican Republic.

The movement’s supporters in the US and Spain have also organized public support demonstrations have been organized in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut in the United States, and in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain.

Source: DR1, Hoy

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