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Dominicans protest high taxation

Dominicans protest high taxation

Using the social media and email, a message seeking to raise awareness among Dominicans of the high taxation paid is doing the rounds, calling for a reduction in the size of government. The message reminds Dominicans that they pay the highest electricity rates while still having to run expensive back-up power systems, they have to pay for private schools, purchase water storage, contract private security guards, pay the most expensive restaurants in the region, the highest airfares, and are obliged to pay for the high cost of trucker unions…

The document notes that Dominicans pay:

18% of ITBIS (VAT)
10% Selective Consumption Tax
28% Telecom tax
28% Income Tax
25% Complementary Income Tax
15% tax on lottery
40% tax on fuel
13% customs tax
1% property tax
0.15% bank transfer tax
2.87% charge for pension plans
3.04% health provider tax
38% on restaurant bills (18% ITBIS, 10% obligatory tip, 10% customary additional tip)
1% tax on assets
Advance payment of ITBIS

The item also comments that the government refuses to eliminate the slush fund that benefits legislators and has not reduced the high wages of government officials, some of whom are paid as much as RD$2 million per month.

Also mentioned are the high cost of health services and pharmaceuticals.

All this while government officials drive 8-cylinder SUVs, have unnecessary bodyguard convoys, use of helicopters, and practice nepotism.

The message also criticizes the way that additional benefits – another 62% – are added on to nominal wages, increasing the cost of the work force.

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