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Dominican Republic and Haiti advance guidelines in commerce and immigration

JIMANI. The Minister for the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, and the Prime Minister of Haiti, announced after 1:00 o’clock in the morning the agreements which were reached by the commissions that took part in the second series of bi-national talks that were held in the city of Jimani in the province of Pedernales.

As he read the Spanish version, Montalvo stressed the good moment that the relations between the two countries were experiencing and the willingness of both governments, and at the same time he thanked the presence of the Chancellor from Venezuela, Elias Jaua Milano

The agreements covered the issues of immigration, customs, agriculture, environment and a plan for cooperation between the police of both nations, which included the search for fugitives and an accord between the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD) and the Haitian police to pursue drug trafficking.

Montalvo said that during the meeting the Dominican government offered details of the activation of the National Plan for the Normalization of Foreigners, through which they will facilitate visas for the entry of temporary workers and a regulation for foreign students which includes the granting of visas. In the meantime Haiti committed itself to speed up the emission of passports to its citizens.

They seemed satisfied over the agreement on customs achieved which will exchange information, which is interpreted as the first step to strengthen control and supervision along the frontier and interconnect the information systems, manage technical assistance, establish and official contact channel and create a joint work committee.

“These advances make up a very significant milestone, and they show the extension of these talks,” Montalvo said.

In the area of the environment, a protocol was agreed upon for the protection of the natural resources of both countries and the establishment of a bi-national observatory financed by the European Union in order to provide follow up on the issues of both nations.

They recognize that the mixed bi-lateral commission should play an important role meeting periodically and the agreed to incorporate representatives from the private sector of both countries, which was said to be one of the most significant achievements of the talks.


Regarding the Plan for the Normalization of Immigration, Montalvo reported that this month they will start a massive campaign of public information in the provinces and directly to the farm and construction sectors in order to begin to formalize the requests for normalization of Haitian foreigners in the Dominican Republic.

Nonetheless, he warned that by order of the Dominican legislature, “no foreigner without a passport or who does not fulfill the minimum requirements established” can be benefitted by the plan that he sail will be in effect until May of next year.

Montalvo pointed out that it is up to the countries of those persons who are irregular residents to provide them with the correct documentation.

“We support any initiative that seeks to insure that nationals from the republic of Haiti obtain an official document.”

He recalled also that the National Immigration Council approved the creations of a new visa for temporary workers, whose cost will be substantially less for those that qualify.

In a similar manner, earlier in the night, the Minister for the Presidency referred to the fact that the Dominican government was working on the terms of the special legislation that it will presented as a formula for taking care of the situation of the persons born in Dominican territory and that at the present time have no type of documentation. This proposal will be presented to the National Congress in the legislative session which begins on 27 February.

Security, Environment and Health

Also the issues of security, and the environment were dealt with during the bi-lateral meeting between Haiti and the DR. Regarding the former, the Minister for the Presidency suggested that the two judicial powers should get closer in order to improve the exchange of information that helps the prevention and persecution of illegal activities. “We feel that it would be prudent to install liaison offices of the Haitian Police at the headquarters of the National Police and the National Directorate for Drug Control in Santo Domingo, and in a reciprocal manner, do the same thing in Haiti. This would facilitate the exchange of information regarding the fight against drug trafficking and related crimes,” said Gustavo Montalvo.

In the meantime, in the area of the environment, the official proposed the incorporation to the talks in future meetings of issues relating to Health, which he said is “a priority issue for our people,” as well as on the handling and conservation of water, besides the mining sector, which he felt was a strategic sector for development.

Source: DiarioLibre

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