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Dominican Republic’s 1st ever terrorism charges

SANTO DOMINGO. Yesterday the principal suspect of starting a fire in one of the cars of the Santo Domingo Metro where more than 200 persons were traveling turned himself in to the authorities.

The person in question is Franquelis Holguin Medina, 21, a native of Barahona, who resides in Gualey and is a student of law at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.

The alleged perpetrator said that “it should be a judge who determines his innocence and participation in the fire in the Metro car and that the police should do their job.”

Holguin Medina admitted that he was riding on the Metro, and that he got on at the President Ramon Caceres station that is located on Duarte Avenue and that he was carrying a backpack.

Nevertheless when he was asked what he was carrying in the backpack, he answered “you know, this has been said.”

The alleged arsonist turned himself in by means of Noticias Telemicro, and was transferred to the Homicide Department of the National Police where he was interrogated by several officers and a deputy prosecutor.

The man appeared to be calm at all times and sure of what he said. “I am not afraid, I don’t have any reason to be, I came to turn myself in as a suspect.”

When he was asked to say what happened on the train, he answered in a lackadaisical manner, “fire, this has already been talked about a lot.”

He said that he does not know what the police are saying about the case, “and therefore I can’t answer in the way that you want,” he answered reporter Pablo Luis Santana of Telemicro.

In conversations with members of the media he neither denied nor admitted the acts of which he is accused and he said that it has to be a judge who determines this. Holguin turned himself in through the mediation of Telemicro, channel 5.

The young man was identified after reviewing the security tapes of the Metro and in the afternoon yesterday the director of the Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret), Leonel Carrasco, showed screenshots of the alleged perpetrator, when he was going up an escalator on the way out of the station, without a shirt.

Last Monday morning the Dominican population woke up with the frightening news that there had been a terrorist attempt on the Metro where a man, until then unknown, had set fire to one of three cars that were carrying more than 500 passengers.

The incident caused consternation in everyone, affecting directly 35 persons, 19 of them with burns; one of them, the young man Francis Gonzalez Gil, still remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the Luis Eduardo Aybar Hospital with first and second degree burns.

Source: DiarioLibre

Update October 30, 2014: Authorities believe there was a mastermind in Metro attack

Update October 31, 2014: Dominican Republic’s 1st alleged terrorist would’ve been paid US$23.000

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  1. Samson

    So he was wanted and turned himself in. Did he start the fire?

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