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District Attorneys say number of remand to custody in DR is high

SD. The Dominican Republic is one of the countries with the highest averages of remanding to preventive custody, applying this measure in between 70% and 80% of the cases brought before the Justice Department.

This affirmation was made by the District Attorneys of the National District, the province of Santo Domingo and Santiago (Yeni Berenice Reynoso, Olga Dina Llaverias and Luisa Liranzo, respectively) who stated that the arraignments are the attributions of the Justice Department and not the National Police. The stated that the penitentiary population increases by an average of a thousand persons processed each year, causing it to double over the past ten years.

Likewise, they said that 70% of the total cases are processed in the Capital, Greater Santo Domingo or Santiago.

The indicated that the statistics “should be presented with a lot of care, in order not to mis-inform the public, since the Police neither arraign nor have control of these numbers.” They say, that in general, the coercive measures are applied with great firmness, so that the information offered by the Police does not correspond with reality.

They said “it is true that in some cases there are judges that make decisions that are damaging, above all the substitute judges, but except for some cases of drug traffickers and others such as the case of Francine Hungria, in general, the magistrates of the country do their job and fulfill their responsibility. the added that for some time the judicial order attributes to the Justice Department the unique authority to proceed with the arraignments.

Source: DiarioLibre

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  1. Samson

    One certainly gets the impression that remands in custody are more about how much can be donated by the individuals to ensure their freedom rather than due to just cause.
    Does anyone know where the money ends up? It this transparent Justice?

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