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DGA The state has lost RD$20.0 billion on Internet purchases

SANTO DOMINGO. The head of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), Fernando Fernandez, said that during nine years this state has not received RD$20.0 billion because of the tax exemption, wrongly applied, on the purchases by Internet of less than $200.

“Conservatively, Customs has calculated at more than RD$20.0 billion…. That have not been received because of a poor interpretation of the decree, that’s the way it is,” said the official, as he referred to the presidential measure which has been the basis of the tax exemption for Internet purchases.

The official offered the statements before reaffirming that beginning on 15 August the measure by his agency which obliges persons to pay taxes for Internet purchases of less than $200 will go into effect.

For the execution of this measure, the DGA has begun the inspection of the offices of the courier companies at Los Americas International Airport (AILA), according to a confirmation given to Diario Libre by Laura Castellanos, the spokeswoman of the The Dominican Association of Courier Companies (ASODEC).

The ASODEC said, through their spokeswoman, that the inspection had a “retaliatory” and “intimidation” character which sought to force the courier companies from creating public pressure given the stalemate with the DGA, which has announced their withdrawal of the tax exemptions on Internet purchases of less than $200 that the couriers bringing to the country.

Castellanos said that the companies that Customs has inspected are UPS, DHL, FedEx and Amerijet. The president of ASODEC, Jose Burdie, is the manager of UPS.

According to Fernandez, the Internet purchases have grown five times faster than the economy and just this year this state is going to lose 5.6 billion pesos (RD$5.6 billion).

But according to the General State Budget, the estimated tax expenses in 2014 for the purchases over the Internet amounted to only RD$2.107 billion, and in 2013 the estimated tax expense for this concept was RD$1.580 billion.

Given the fact that tomorrow they will discuss the legality or not of the official measure and a tribunal in the capital, the director of Customs said that he will wait for the decision of the courts, but that the institution will have its answers.

“The point here is that this business, for nine years, has not pay taxes, the clients of this business are competing unfairly with the rest of the Dominicans,” he said.

He believes there should be a law; a possible summons

Sen. Charlie Mariotti feels that they should establish in the Customs Law taxes on Internet purchases for less than $200, so that it is clearly established. He believes that all economic activity should pay something, even if it is only the ITB IS.

On the other hand, 34 deputies that say they belong to the Majority Revolutionary Party (PRM), will present a resolution to summon the Customs director, Fernando Fernandez, if he persists in this measure. This was the warning by Deputy Nelson Arroyo.

Source: DiarioLibre

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