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Deputies’ slush fund could help Robert Reid Cabral Hospital

Citizen Lisette Gil is promoting a proposal to use the RD$82 million that the Chamber of Deputies legislators will be distributing in pursuit of political advantages at Christmastime to be used to improve conditions at the Robert Reid Cabral children’s hospital instead. The legislators already spent RD$14 million at Easter on “sweet beans” preparations in their communities and RD$179 million on Mother’s Day gifts.

Writing in Diario Libre today, Thursday 9 October 2014, editor Ines Aizpun says that as the budget discussions are underway, this is the time to take away these “absolutely insulting” allocations.

“RD$100 million for the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital or for the City Government’s Park of Lights?” she asks mentioning the government’s distorted priorities. “Charity is a great virtue. When it is done with other people’s money it is a mockery,” she comments.

“The same people who are suffering as a result of the Reid Cabral shortages are those who ask politicians for crumbs of charity with the money that should have been used… for the children’s hospital,” she writes.

“The money that is spent on electoral campaigns lasting two and three years, the money that is distributed in overvaluations, in cronyism sponsorships, in bribery, in superfluous projects, in extra payrolls… is the money that goes missing for the Robert Reid Cabral and that we will be asked to pay for in the next taxation raise,” she adds.

Aizpun concludes: “The legislators will investigate the case of the 11 deaths at the Robert Reid Cabral over the weekend. It is their turn, but they should start by putting their own house in order.”

Source: DiarioLibre

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