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Deputies are planning to spend RD $82 million on Christmas baskets

SD. The Chamber of Deputies is expecting to spend RD $81,889,254.60 in order to acquire groceries (food and beverages) to be distributed for Christmas 2014.

According to a certification regarding the existence of funds issued by the financial director of the lower chamber, Eriberto Calderon, this line item is covered in the budget of the present year.

“I certify that this Financial Directorate has the proper approval of funds within the budget of the present year (2014) and has set aside the commitment fee for the first period for the acquisition which is herein specified: Acquisition of groceries (food and beverages) to be distributed during Christmas 2014,” he says.

According to the Tender of Specific Conditions of the public tender CD – CCC – LPN – 03 – 2014, which was convened last 11 September, the deputies will acquire 3000 21 pound boxes of grapes; 5000 boxes of apples containing between 80 and 100 units; 125,000 frozen imported turkeys, Grade A Premium; and 127,500 frozen chickens of between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds.

In addition they will buy 450,000 5 pound packages of select rice, Grade A (national production); 6000 packages of pasta and 244 5.5 oz boxes of sardines in tomato sauce.

At the same time they will by 504 boxes of assorted jelly beans containing 24 packages of 16 ounces; 3300 boxes (12 bottles) of rum; 2200 boxes (12 bottles) of Scotch whiskey and other products.

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  1. Stocker

    At least the bribes are given BY the politicians rather than TO them, but it’s still a very dubious practice.

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