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December is the month of abundance, and January is the month of poverty in DR

SD. December is the month of abundance, and January is the month of poverty. This is well known by Dominicans, who always associate the arrival of the first month of the year with “being down to nothing,” the result which he avoids by blaming December’s excesses.

The statistics of the Central Bank regarding the movement of the money supply confirmed this perception of Dominicans. It is a constant that the amount of bills and money circulating grows in December and is reduced in January.

In the last month of 2013 for example the money supply grew by RD $32.9 billion, a a 17.3% increase with relation to the money supply which circulated in November of the same year. And this in spite of of the fact that some sellers, such as those of the Flea Market, complained of scarce sales during the Christmas season.

But always, with the start of December arrives a period of more abundance, which is the consequence of the extra income that is expected and is received. This Monday for example begins the countdown towards the double salary in 4 days, when the centralized and decentralized institutions of the Government will pay RD $9.9 billion for this concept, in which was announced last 7 November by Alberto Perdomo PiƱa, the national Treasurer.

After this payment, come the “double salaries” of the companies in the private sector, the performance bonuses which are paid by many companies in this month, salaries 13 and even 14 which are paid by the public financial sector and those payments dispersed by the autonomous entities such as the ayuntamientos (City governments).

With the purpose of selling more and obtaining earnings from this flow of money, the companies decorate their stores and Windows with Christmas motifs in order to attract pedestrian traffic, avid to purchase. In this way the money expands through the channels of the economy with the potential of the GDP multiplier, and what was one or 2 pesos is converted into 3, 4 or 5.

There is something for everyone. From the sellers of the white – painted bushes called “charamicos” on Abraham Lincoln Avenue, to the large commercial plazas or the sellers of the omnipresent roasted pig on a stick.

The growth of the monies supply during the months of December is notorious and constant throughout the years. Starting from the monetary statistics published by the Central Bank it is possible to conclude that for the period covered between 2004 and 2013, on average, the amount of money in the street group by 11.1% in comparison with the 1% that it grew in November. In December 2013, this growth was even greater, 17.3%, a year in which the economy grew in real value by 4.6%. For all of 2014, the central bank is projecting a much greater growth, of 6% so that it is supposed will be even greater.

For several years now the start of the Christmas season in the Dominican Republic crosses with Black Friday, at the end of November, a commercial culture imported from the United States. As was seen last Friday and possibly this Monday, the sales and been very active, as a rehearsal for the Christmas season. On Friday, Valentina Moncada, the marketing director for Megacentro declared: “for this Black Friday we expect to exceed the sales of 2013, so that we can offer our consumers an excellent opportunity to extend their budgets and prepare themselves for the Christmas holidays.”

Let’s dance!

The Police seek to avoid criminal activity during Christmas holidays

Dozens of motorcycles are part on the Esplanade in front of the National Police headquarters, waiting to be used by policemen starting on Wednesday 3 December, when the police will launch “Operation Tranquil Christmas 2014,” an initiative which seeks to avoid criminal activity during the Christmas holiday.

According to the spokesman for the National Police, Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, the vehicles will be spread around the National District, Greater Santo Domingo and the provinces.

“Precisely because on 5 December the Government will deliver the Christmas bonus, the operation of Tranquil Christmas is going to start 48 hours ahead of time,” he said.

On this theme, he assured reporters that the presence of police agents would be reinforced throughout the national territory.

Mateo Moquete said that the National Police is working proactively, in order to comply with its duty of preventing robberies, injuries and deaths during the Christmas festivities.

In a like manner, the spokesman for the National Police recommended that the population to take care when it goes out into the streets.

“You cannot move around with a great amount of money by yourself. You have to take the measures required in order to avoid that unscrupulous persons can take that money,” he recommended.

It will be recalled that last year the National Police integrated 10,295 agents in the work of crime prevention at the national level.

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