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Deadline is up for registering “burn” phones, millions should be without service

SD. The government ordered that starting at midnight the pre-paid cell phones whose owners have not updated their ownership are to be suspended. During a press conference at the Presidential Palace, the spokesman of the System of Attention to Emergencies 911, and the Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Zoraima Cuello, read a statement in which it was decreed that starting at midnight tonight “the operators of telephones should suspend the service of these lines, in compliance with Resolution 939-13 issued by the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel).”

Cuello said that “a high percentage of the pre-paid lines in the country are not properly identified with the name the ID document of the real owner, which has serious consequences regarding public safety and the good functioning of institutions such as the National System of Emergencies 911.” She said that for this reason the suspension of the services of these pre-paid phones “gives a definitive solution to this situation.”

Long lines

“I can’t lose my number,” “there are a lot of people here standing in line,” “they should give us more time, because we work,” were some of the expressions that were heard yesterday during a trip to different client service centers in the Claro, Orange and Viva offices in different sectors.

In the barrios of Mejoramiento Social, Ensanche Luperón, Ensanche Espaillat, Simón Bolívar, Capotillo, the same in the Piantini sector, in the National District and in Villa Mella, in North Santo Domingo, the people stood in long lines to validate the identity of their cell phones and complained that the telephone companies did not tell them in time about this requirement.

Nonetheless, they understand that it is necessary in order to punish those that make prank calls to the 911 Emergency System.

The phone companies

Barely a day before the deadline, the Claro telephone company reported that three million of their clients had not carried out the validation process. Those that had done it totaled a little over a million.

In the case of Orange, they did not offer numbers, but they said that although many have validated, they are still not the majority. Both phone companies make up the major number of clients of mobile telephones. It was not possible to obtain any information from Tricom and Viva.

Statistics from the Dominican Telecommunication Institute (Indotel), indicate that as of last December there were 7.5 million pre-paid phone lines. The telephone companies have announced their commitment to comply with the Resolution 039-13 from INDOTEL that orders that within a period of six months, all of the users of these phones validate their identification with the service provider, and that those that do not comply with the disposition will have their phone numbers shut down.

Nevertheless, a source commented to Diario Libre regarding the aspects that are being carried out in the Board of Directors of Indotel to modify Resolution 039-13 and allow the lines to be just suspended and that the users can validate them in a period of 90 days, which once this time is up, they will proceed to eliminate the accounts that remain pending.


One of the reasons that the government has given for suspending the pre-paid telephones without identification is due to the possibility for reducing crank calls to 911. “The 911 will be strengthened with this registration, since by having the phones localized and identified, it will be much easier, both to get there faster in assistance to those that have a real emergency as to punish those that make crank calls,” said Cuello. By 5 June the government reported more than 61,000 prank calls.

Source: DiarioLibre

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