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Dead female manatee found at Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA Big surprise generated among tourists staying at hotels in Playa Dorada finding yesterday afternoon a dead manatee in front of Riviera Azul resort. The body of this endangered species corresponds to a female of young age, about five feet long, according to visual inspection shows no signs of aggression by fishermen or a natural predator, but draws attention to the presence of bleeding from the respiratory tract of the animal.
According to data supplied by Evelio Diaz Artiles, the staff of the Provincial Directorate of Environment in Puerto Plata reported the incident to the site to survey the animal and determine the causes of losing life for this baby manatee.
The carcass was taken to the laboratory of Ocean World Aquarium, where marine biologists will examine it, to give a report on the case in the coming hours.
The West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus) is the only species of sirenio in the Caribbean and is characterized as a large, friendly and peaceful animal that lives in sheltered coastal areas such as bays and mangroves and sometimes ascend rivers. Manatees live in warm, shallow coastal waters, estuaries (where rivers meet the sea) and slow water rivers in some tropical regions.
The intense manhunt for centuries has led the West Indian manatee on the verge of extinction and that despite restrictions in our day, are still poached for meat and bones despite being protected by law.
According to popular tradition, it is said that manatee meat has 7 flavors, while the manatee bones are used for crafts and for medicinal purposes in traditional medicine.
Estimates of marine biologists revealed that fewer than 5,000 manatees left in the Caribbean, Central America, South and East coasts of North and North Coast of South America and the Dominican Republic, their population in the process disappearance.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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