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Danilo: “the goal is to be a developed country”

SD. President Danilo Medina said yesterday that the Dominican government is committed to placing the people at the center of public policies and they have proposed as a goal becoming a developed and prosperous country, where equal opportunity is not an ideal but rather an everyday reality.

As he gave a speech before the 69th General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, the Dominican President said that in order to achieve this goal they have established a great national pact, around which from now on the principle priority as a nation will be education.

He recalled that in his administration they have doubled the budget for public education until it reaches 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which has allowed them to make “the greatest expansion of school infrastructure in our history. It is with pride to be able to tell you that at the end of this year, and thanks to the effort of thousands of volunteers, we will be in a position to declare our country free of illiteracy,” stressed Medina to the UN Assembly.

Regarding health, he stressed as an advance in this area, the elimination of co-payments in all public hospitals and that each year they have added 450,000 affiliates to the state subsidized health programs.

Parallel to this policy, Medina cited that his government is prioritizing support to the small farm producers.

“We have been working for two years straight, visiting rural communities every week, listening to the neighbors and searching with them for solutions that go from supporting them with credit, to training or with infrastructure,” he said.

The President assured his audience that thanks to these and other measures, in the last 18 months in the Dominican Republic poverty has been reduced by six percentage points, which means that 568,061 persons have been taken out of poverty.

A call for help to Haiti

In his speech before the UN, Medina issued a call to the international community to help Haiti document its citizens, both in its own territory as well as the Dominican Republic, because documentation is the first and indispensable step in order to enjoy a complete package of rights.

The President proclaimed this exhortation as he pronounced his speech before the 69th General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, in New York, where he stressed that one of the principal actions that his government carries out in order to strengthen Dominican sovereignty and guarantee the rights of the people that live in the country, is to provide them with the documentation that belongs to them. “As you well know, many of these persons are Haitians. And in order to normalize their status in the territory of the Dominican Republic, they must first have identity documents from their country of origin, which for many, unfortunately, they do not have,” noted the chief of state.

Medina recognized that Haiti is making an effort to reach this population and provide them with documents through which they recognize them as their citizens; however, unfortunately their resources both technical and economical are limited. He recalled that in the past a series of international agencies and countries has shown their worry over the fate of the Haitian migrants.

“I can assure you that the present time is an excellent moment to go from words to deeds. With concrete and relatively simple actions, the international community can have a great and long-lasting impact on the lives of these persons,” indicated the President.

He said that he would like to be able to count on the international community in this new era of Dominican -Haitian relations. “Help Haiti! Help them to document their people both in their own territory as well as in ours,” proclaimed Medina

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