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Danilo stresses job creation as basis for fighting poverty in his administration

SANTO DOMINGO. The creation of jobs through the policies of attention to the rural areas, entrepreneurism, tourism, and the building of infrastructure, among other projects, is the basis on which President Danilo Medina establishes his efforts to reduce poverty in the Dominican Republic (estimated at 41%) and yesterday he said this in his speech which gave an account of the last year.

“As we have indicated on many occasions, the best policy against poverty and for the development of our people is job creation,” he said as he stood before the National Assembly.

In his speech he cited information from the Ministry of Labor and the Central Bank that reported the creation of 100,000 formal jobs in 2013. “This means that we are on the road to fulfill our objective of creating 400,000 jobs during our administration,” he said.

During his 39 page, one hour and 43 minute speech, the President presented a resume by sector of his administration in 2013, and the creation of jobs as a way out for the poor was a highlighted aspect in the results of the different government programs.

“Dominican men and women, in our country, the time for jobs has come! Creating new positions of good jobs and formalizing those that exist, is and will continue to be our principle objective in 2014 and the rest of our administration,” he noted.

He said: “In 2013 we made 55 surprise visits all over the country. In those communities we took on 355 commitments. Commitments that have become investments for more than RD$8.0 billion, and which have created 35,000 jobs.”

With credits for RD$3.456 billion to the micro, small and medium businessmen, through the Solidarity Bank, 71,236 entrepreneurs, the majority women, have started up productive initiatives all over the national geography, the President pointed out.

He said that the Mipymes ( a reference to the micro/small/medium-sized businesses) are a “key” piece for economic development. “Together they make up 97% of our business material. They are the principle motor for jobs, they are the biggest and most productive factory of our country,” he said.

“And the RD$452 million from the Fundacion de Reservas del Pais which, through the entities for micro-credits to those that that receive them, have facilitated the granting of 10,700 loans to micro-businesses men and women. It is calculated that those loans generate more than 19,000 jobs in 20 provinces of the national territory,” he pointed out.

Tourism and employment

As he reviewed the results of tourism, Medina recalled that during 2013, seven new hotel complexes opened their doors, adding 1,700 rooms to the existing inventory.

He indicated that during this period, the Council for Tourism Promotion approves 34 new projects, representing an investment of more than US$1.3 billion, and which will be carried out over the coming years.

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