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Danilo Medina says he will not accept infringement of sovereignty

HAVANA. As he gave an emotional and energetic speech before the chiefs of State and heads of governments that attended the II Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), President Danilo Medina said that he would not accept “anyone, large or small infringing the sovereignty of the Dominican Republic.”

Medina responded in this manner to statements from some of the Caricom countries that accused the country of being racist, discriminatory, and a violator of human rights.

The Chief of State reiterated the openness of the Dominican Republic to receive the collaboration of other countries in the dialogue process that it has with the Republic of Haiti, but always, he insisted, within the framework of due respect for our national sovereignty.

“Our country has made it clear, since the first day, its total openness to receive international involvement in startup of this process and this is what we are doing. Nevertheless, I must point out also that as a free and sovereign state, I cannot accept that anyone, large or small, infringes upon our national sovereignty,” he said.

In a like manner, President Medina made it clear that neither before or after the handing down of Sentence 168-13 by the Constitutional Tribunal, had the government carried out, nor will it carry out, discriminatory acts, nor violations of rights.

“This is a fundamental question of principles, for me and for all of the cabinet, and we will not permit that it be questioned. Therefore, we are not going to accept that false testimonies be presented which put in to question this matter,” said Medina in an energetic manner.

He “came down hard” on Gonsalves

As he rejected the criticisms made by the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, of the sentence by the Constitutional Tribunal, Medina said that “you have gone too far,” and he asked him to govern in his own country, and “you allow the Dominican Republic to govern itself.”

He pointed out that the business of residence and nationality belongs to the sovereign states and that as a State “we do not accept that anyone, absolutely anyone play with Dominican sovereignty.”

In an energetic tone Medina proclaimed that the day he ever has to decline as President of the Republic the sovereignty of the nation, then that day he no longer deserves to be the country’s President.

Solidarity with Haitians

Medina reiterated that Dominicans have been the people most in solidarity with Haiti, and he cited that there are nearly a million Haitians living in the country.

He also referred to the fact that, moreover, 13% of all births in the public hospitals are by Haitian mothers, which means a cost of more than RD$5 billion for the Dominican state.

Medina also stressed the fact that nearly 51,000 Haitians study in the Dominican Republic, 36,000 of these students attend public schools with no requisites or any documents; 15,000 go to Dominican universities and many have received scholarships.

He returned last night

After the closing ceremonies of the II Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, held in Havana, President Danilo Medina returned last night in a private place to the San Isidro Air Base. The President arrived at 8:10 p.m. together with the members of the retinue that accompanied him to Cuba and Honduras. The group was composed of ministers Gustavo Montalvo, the Minister of the Presidency, Jose Ramon Peralta, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Jose Ramon Fadul, the Minister of the Interior and Police, and Temistocles Montas, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Development.

Source: DiarioLibre

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