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Danilo leaves an opening for reelection

SANTO DOMINGO. President Danilo Medina did not discard yesterday the possibility of seeking reelection in 2016 when he said that at the right time he will issue his opinion regarding the request that some movements and even some of his closest officials have made.

As he hosted a luncheon meeting with reporters at the Presidential Palace, the Chief of State was asked about the movements that ask for him to continue in power and he said that these types of movements are normal in the country. “I think that I should obey the term limits and when the moment comes I’m going to issue my opinion, that is if they still want it regarding this issue,” he said.

The President revealed that his family does not want to continue “in this hustle and bustle,” but that they accepted the commitment that he took on to seek the presidency.

Last February Medina said that he didn’t have any interest in being the leader or in reelecting himself and two months later he interrupted a request for “four more years” during an activity. Then the Great National Alliance began a campaign promoting reelection, but this was later discontinued.


Upon being asked for an evaluation of his two years, Medina said that his greatest satisfaction is being close to the people, to go to the communities and listen to their suggestions and to have the privilege of attending to their demands.

He pointed out that the surprise visits each Sunday are no sacrifice because he does them happily and he is complying with what he promised in the campaign, which was to go to the people and help them change their living conditions.

Delayed project

he cited as one of his delayed projects the plan to provide property titles which he promised and he attributes this to the complexity of the issue and the participation of other sectors such as the judiciary.

The PLD candidates

In relation to the presidential aspirations within his party, he defined himself as essentially Democratic and he said that he felt no pain because there are people who aspire, but he understands that there are people who believe that a candidacy is constructed easily.

He said that the criticisms that are made regarding officials that are aspiring are because they should not do this before finishing their first year of their administration and they should have waited sufficient time, but he said that he understands them because in order to become known it takes a lot of time.

Loma Miranda

In relation to the request that Loma Miranda be declared a National Park, he said that when the Congress finishes its work on the projects that have been presented, the Executive Power will express its opinion.


Regarding the issue of corruption Medina pointed out that he is leading administration that is ethical and moral and that previous cases do not involve him but rather the justice system.

He reports a plot against coal-fired generators

President Danilo Medina revealed yesterday that he feels that some sectors are plotting against the installation of the two coal-fired generators which should be defended by the whole country for the sustainability of the public finances.

“And look, I am not even going to receive the benefits of these generators because they will probably enter into service in the year 2017.”

He said that for the first time there is a clear goal of when to begin to reduce the subsidy to the electric sector. He said that if they can save 1.7% of GDP in the subsidy to the CDEEE, the fiscal deficit will go down.

He said the Deree 402 – 05 does not exempt payment of duties

President Medina also said that there exist confusion with decree 402 – 05 because it does not authorize the exemption from taxes.

He made it clear that the Presidency cannot exonerate or create taxes, only the National Congress.

He continued saying that this decree seeks to regulate the couriers. “The people have become confused regarding whether up to $200 was exempts, no it is not the merchandise per se, the product does not pay taxes.” He said that a product that does not pay taxes can be taken out quickly if its value does not exceed the $200.

He suggest a revision of salaries in order to be able to buy more

The President suggested yesterday a revision of the public and private salaries in order for that that people have more resources in order to purchase goods and services.

He attributed the high cost of living to the fact that the people do not have the resources that they need in order to satisfy their necessities.

He said that inflation has been kept under two digits, so that he discarded this as a cause of the high cost of living.

He recognized that with 10,000 pesos of salary it is difficult to live and he said that more than 80% of the salaried people earn this amount. He also recognized that the Dominican peso was losing its value.

Source: DiarioLibre

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    Glad to hear that the door is open for reelection.

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