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Customs takes the case of the couriers to the Attorney General, the DNCD and the DGII

SANTO DOMINGO. The director general of Customs, Fernando Fernandez, yesterday empowered the Attorney General of the Republic, the National Director of Drug Control (DNCD) and the director general of Internal Taxes with a request for the investigation of probable money laundering regarding 2308 checks retained over the last 3 weeks from companies that operate under the umbrella of “Express Mail”.

In the meantime, today at 9 AM, the Second Chamber of the Superior Administrative Tribunal will continue the process of the fused protection orders which seeks to declare the resolution that orders the collection of taxes on merchandise of less than US $200 purchased over the Internet as a violation of the fundamental rights.

During a press conference attended by the Attorney General Francisco Dominquez Brito, the director of DG I I, Guarocuya Felix, and the president of the DNCD, Julio Cesar Souffront, Fernandez explained that the seizures are part of the strengthening of the controls that Customs is developing in the fight against illicit actions related to trans-frontier commerce.

He related that the retention of these checks is related to the particular case of the sector of the companies called “express mails,” which operate under the cover of decree 402 – 05, which regulates this type of transport. Of the total number of checks, only 389 have defined the number in dollars for which they were written, and the total amount comes to US $5,638,792.96. He said that 1845 checks are made out in Dominican pesos for an amount of RD $18,314,432.32. “The other 74 checks in dollar accounts appear with the amounts in blank but signed. We have also retained a financial certificate issued for the amount of RD $11,400,000.” He noted that translated into pesos the DGA has found un- declared assets for a total amount of RD $275,266,949.35.

“Well none of this could possibly be seen as a normal, that in less than 3 weeks by way of these deliveries they are moving without the declaring them, more than US $6 million in checks drawn without names, others made out for future dates, many signed and without any amounts, among other suspicious characteristics, and said to be documents by the courier companies. We cannot simply imagine what has been happening for years”.

Souffront said that there is an investigation underway and it was not possible to discard any ties to possible crimes that could involve great sums of money.

Dominquez said that the checks will be analyzed by a commission of technicians in order to determine their legality or not and the necessary decision.

Couriers expects compliance

The Dominican Association of Courier Companies (Asodec) warned that it would be a “pretty sorry scene” if Customs does not obey the suspension which was ordered by the Superior Administrative Tribunal regarding the resolution that orders the collection of taxes on Internet purchases of less than US $200 and which would go into effect starting today. Laura Castellanos, the spokeswoman of the entity, said that although traditionally customs has had a fairly darker record of disobeying sentences-not only in this administration–she expects that they will not disobey the decision.

Source: DiarioLibre

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