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Court validates accord with 19 persons involved in money-laundering network added by the Buitrago brothers

SANTO DOMINGO. The First Courtroom of the Penal Chamber of the Court of Appeals of the National District declared the agreements which imply different prison sentences and the seizure of assets valued at more than RD $300 million against 19 of 24 persons implicated in the alleged international network of money laundering and drug trafficking was valid. The heads of the network were said to be the Colombian brothers Huber Oswaldo Buitrago Ruiz and Angel Maria Buitrago Vacca.
Judges Eduardo Sanchez Ortiz, presiding, Doris Pujols and Antonio Sanchez Mejia declared resolution number 011 – INC – 2014 to be null and void. This resolution was issued by the Second Court of Instruction which said that the negotiations with the accused could not be admitted because they were contrary to the Constitution and to the Penal Process Code.

The Court declared the appeal filed by the lawyers of the 19 persons involved to be valid, and accepted the agreements signed by the Justice Department, through the director of the Specialized Prosecutor for Laundering of Assets, German Miranda Villalona.

The court also accepted the accusations presented against Ginaliz Quintero Flores, Pedro Julio Cárdenas, Marcos Tulio Vivas Sánchez, Clara Maritza Jaimes Romero, Mónica Carolina Jaimes Romero, César Braudillo Escalante Lizarazo, Javier Carrillo, Diana Milena Alfonso, Werner Eyud Ruiz Bernal, Ronald Yesid Mora Buitrago, Jonathan Arenas Peña, Diego María Guzmán Arango (Mara y Maradona) and the Dominican Pedro de Jesús.

The court also accepted the accusations against Raymundo Antonio Peña, Antonio José Contreras Figuereo o Marcos Alberto Cepeda, Esneider Chaparro González, Lucas Leiva Hernández, Diana Milena Alfonso and Wilder Bonilla Delgado.

The tribunal declared the defendants guilty of the charges presented and it imposed sentences from five years in prison under the system of conditional suspended sentences as they finish two years in the jail at Najayo, and immediately obtain their freedom, the court orders that deportation to their country of origin by the corresponding means, with these persons paying for the expenses of their trip.

The tribunal ordered the seizure in favor of the Dominican state of a list of assets that includes firearms, jewelry, vehicles, firearms, apartments, thousands of dollars, Colombian pesos and money of other nations, for a value of more than RD $300 million.

In a like manner a rifle was seized, along with an automatic rifle with a tripod and telescopic sight, weapons of other calibers and dozens of clips were also taken into custody.

The director of the Specialized Prosecutor for Laundering of Assets, German Miranda Villalona, greeted the court’s decision. “We believe that with this scientific knowledge and the greatest of experience, the judges of the Court have given an example of a flexible and reasonable interpretation in order to accept the abbreviated agreements based on the procedure oh and constitutional principle of solving the conflict, as an alternative resolution for disputes and its transcend dental contribution to restore the national and international social harmony of the present case.”


According to the authorities, the group managed to carry out operations for more than US $70 million during the 2012, using human mules that placed the money in packages and suitcases prepared with double bottoms. The accused were arrested in December 2012, after the dismantling of the allegedly international organized network composed of foreigners, in the majority, who recruited persons to take large amounts of money, which came from the payment of drug traffic and operations, out of the country.

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