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Counterfeit money was “good quality”

SANTO DOMINGO. An officer with ties to the investigation surrounding the gang accused of falsifying approximately 5,000,000 Dominican pesos in the new bills and some $100,000 dollars, told the Diario Libre that the money was of a “very good” quality and very worrisome due to the level of its details.

The officer pointed out that when police agents and technicians from the Central Bank analyzed the quality of the counterfeit bills, including those that had not been finished, they were able to appreciate the high technical level. “Since these persons do not have access to the kind of paper used in the emission of currency, what they did was to replicate an impression of each side and then stick both sides together in order to make a stiffer paper and that appeared identical (to the real currency) on both sides. On the back of each side they placed a powder in order to give texture to the lines and the details such as the lines and picture. And then they applied a spray to set it. Upon finishing, the bills were ironed in order to give the impression of being new,” he explained the National Police reported yesterday that the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic will file a civil suit in this process.

The spokesman for the Police, Jacobo Mateo Moquete, indicated yesterday that they would proceed against these individuals that supposedly belonged to a gang headed by Antonio Brito, 41, who is in jail the same as Orlando De Jesus Brito, 56, and Yesi Medrano Perez, 39. Another two alleged members of the gang are fugitives.

Mateo Moquete stressed the work of the deputy director of the Organized Crime Unit, a part of the Directorate of Criminal Intelligence, which was able to put a stop to this gang of counterfeiters. He said that “these officers are a group of young agents that have been prepared in the United States in order to deal with this crime; there are some 20 high level police agents in this group.”

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