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Complaints in Boca Chica over crime

BOCA CHICA. Italian citizens that reside in Boca Chica said that they were fed up with the criminals that attack their fellow-citizens everyday in the tourist area of the city. At the same time they deny that the attack on a couple on Wednesday night did not take place inside the Hamilton Hotel.

As he spoke to Diario Libre reporters, the manager of the Hamilton Hotel, Giuceppe D’Abbetta explained that over recent days two Italians have been assaulted apart from the couple that were stabbed and that there has been no answer from the Police.

He said that the assaulted couple had been in the hotel since December when they stayed there with their children who went back to Italy leaving the two elderly persons to return in the month of April, but with this assault they will have to leave as soon as possible.

The person in charge of communications of the Plaza de la Salud Hospital reported on Thursday that the Italian couple that was assaulted and stabbed are stable and they expect that a plastic surgeon will be attending the case.

The couple are Nicolas Mario Feloquiorio, 63 and Buimi Francesca, 50, who reached the hospital in a delicate state, while the manager of the hotel said that they had received hundreds of phone calls from Italy, because his travel agency works mostly with Italian tourists.

Lack of safety

According to Guiceppe D’Abbetta, the hotel is now 50% occupied and already since Thursday morning they had begun to receive complaints from Italians that were supposed to be staying for two weeks and that have expressed their fears over the lack of security.

The Hamilton Hotel is located on Caracol Street, at the corner of Elena Montaño in Boca Chica, on the main avenue with the greatest access to the Las Americas Expressway, and one of the busiest avenues in the city, and, in spite of this, it does not enjoy permanent patrols by the Tourism Police.

The manager of the Hamilton Hotel and other Italians that accompanied him complained of the lack of safety that the tourist areas of Boca Chica are experiencing. They allege that in 13 years that they have been living in this place they have only received assaults and aggression from the criminal element.

D’Abbetto narrated that in 2004, the Hamilton was the scene of an armed assault carried out by several individuals who identified themselves as members of the DNCD, stealing two SUVs and all of the belongings they could carry from the tourist establishment.

“The two SUVs appeared two months later, dismantled, in a town in the eastern part of the country. They never arrested anyone and the authorities never gave us an explanation regarding this case.”

The motorcycle taxis (“motoconchistas”) that hang out next to the Hamilton Hotel explained that at the corner of Elena Montaño and Juanico Garcia, where the Italians were assaulted and stabbed, it is not safe to walk on foot after six o’clock in the evening because it puts your life in danger. They assured the reporters that several stickups a day occur in that spot.

The manager of the Hotel said that he received calls from the Politur director who promised to visit the place and investigate personally the unsafe situation that is experienced around the tourist establishment.

On their side, the branch of the Center of Criminal Investigation of Boca Chica has arrested several persons with the characteristics of the persons they have of the persons who attacked the pair, and they have seized several motorcycles in order to find the criminals that committed the crime.

Lack of surveillance

The location where the assault took place is known as an exclusive area made up of Hotels, above all belonging to Italian, Canadian, Germans and Belgians businessmen who have built in this area of Boca Chica because it is close to the beach, quiet and attractive.

The area has 13 hotels that have between 25 and 60 rooms, swimming pools, recreational areas and restaurants. The area also has the great majority of restaurants that feature foreign cuisines.

In spite of all of this infrastructure, the area still lacks surveillance by the Tourism Police, the National Police or the Municipal Police, and its streets are dark in spite of the fact that Boca Chica has a privileged circuit from the electric company.

Source: DiarioLibre

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