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Commemoration of Holocaust Victims in Sosúa

Saturday, January 25 a memorial meeting was held in the park Mirador in Sosúa to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. At this meeting about two hundred people including the ambassadors of Israel, Bahij Manssur, and Germany, María Victoria Zimmermann, the governor of Puerto Plata, Eridania Llibre Ortiz, the Bishop of Puerto Plata, Monsieur Julio Cesar Corniel Amaro and the mayor of Sosúa, Ilana Neumann were present.
And of course the members of the Jewish community in Sosúa attended the memorial meeting, among them Herman Strauss, Joe Benjamin and Bennie Katz. In the meeting the more than 6 million Jewish victims of the Second World War were commemorated. The Holocaust or Shoah is commemorated every year on 27 January. On January 27, 1945, the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz – Birkenau, located on the territory of Poland, were liberated by Soviet troops.

Six torches
In the speech, held by the mayor of Sosúa Ilana Neumann, she recalled that the Dominican Republic was one of the few countries that gave Jewish refugees a safe haven. The mayor part of these refugees settled in Sosúa and made an important contribution to the economic development of the north coast. The mayor recalled that it was the first time the Holocaust is commemorated in Sosúa with such great interest. She also expressed the hope that the world has learned from this catastrophe, and that it never will never happen again. The Ambassador of Israel also recalled that Sosúa was a unique safe haven for the Jewish refugees. The Jewish community, including the government and people of Israel, are still grateful to the Dominican Republic. The relationship between Israel and the Dominican Republic is very good and will be further strengthened. In the near future Israel wants to cooperate in areas such as agriculture, technology and communication. During the meeting, six torches were lighted on the plateau of the six points of the Star of David symbolizing the six million victims.
Source and photos: Felix Corona and Sosúa Digital

Source: Sosua News

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  1. Samson

    I can’t help thinking that it is time to stop dwelling in the past and look to the future.
    Of course we do not want a repeat of this appalling period in Jewish history but I now read that very young children are being taught about the Holocaust in schools. To what purpose?

    Might it be useful to reflect on why they made themselves so unpopular that only people like Trujillio would take some in.

    Why do they treat their neighbors in the way that they themselves objected to?

    Most countries have unpleasant periods in their history – let it go! Treat your neighbors kindly and create friendships.

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