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Chikungunya still high: “It is not a mosquito”

SANTO DOMINGO. In order to deal with the Chikungunya fever, which this week could pass the 90,000 cases, it is necessary to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the removal of trash which accumulates water in backyards and areas around houses; spread chlorine around the rims and cover water tanks tightly in order to avoid that they become breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the vector for this disease as well as dengue.

In order to control the epidemic it is also necessary that people sleep with mosquito nets, use insect repellants, do not allow refuse or anything that can hold water to accumulate.

Something else that the authorities feel is important is that the people accept the fact that the Chikungunya is transmitted by the bite of the mosquito and that it is not some chemical element or contamination of the environment, as many think.

In the vein, the infectologist, Jesus Feris Iglesias, said that the epidemic will cease when there is conscientiousness on the part of the people and the water and garbage services are more efficient.

He said that the collaboration of all of the sectors, including the Ministry of Education, so that they involve the students and teachers in the elimination of the mosquito breeding grounds.

Feris Iglesias points out that when the students learn to eliminate the breeding grounds for the insect, when they are adults they will know how to avoid these places in their homes.


Yesterday, children, men and women, elderly and pregnant women filled the emergency rooms of the Luis Eduardo Aybar Hospital, the Municipal Hospital of Villa Mella, as well as the children’s hospitals, Robert Reid Cabral and Santo Socorro, in search of medical attention.

Some complained of pain, others had their skin full of eruptions and others covered themselves with towels to deal with the symptoms of the virus.

In Villa Mella, the patients formed a line, in order to guarantee order, but on more than once occasion there was some disorder.

“It is not a mosquito”

As the number of Chikungunya cases grows in the country, the doubt that the virus is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito also grows.

Of 15 patients consulted with respect to this, only one answered that the fever is the product of the mosquito.

Quite frankly, they responded “no” and with lots of sureness they said that this was a virus and a contamination that is in the atmosphere.

Others, like Maria Carolina, from Villa Liberation, to whom the virus attacked, repeated that many people accept this for a fact and it is that this is some noxious materials that was discarded in Haina.

“The authorities should speak the truth, not take us for fools, if it is the same mosquito as the dengue, why does this have to hit everyone in a house and even the neighbors and the dengue no,” said Jose Gomez, of the sector of Villa Francisca.

Programs in Santiago and Barahona

The provincial leadership of Public Health in Santiago, carried out over the weekend a program of discarding rubbish, spraying and family orientation, in order to prevent the Chikungunya.

The provincial director, Venecia QuiƱones, said that the action involved public and private institutions, as well as hundreds of volunteers and this consisted in collecting refuse, scrap metal and the elimination of breeding grounds.

In the meantime, in Barahona, the Minister of Public Works sprayed several churches to protect the people that attend services from Chikungunya and dengue.

Source: DiarioLibre

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