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Chikungunya: Pharmacies running out of acetaminophen

SD. Acetaminophen, prescribed for lowering the fever caused by the Chikungunya virus, is getting scarce in many pharmacies of Greater Santo Domingo, so that many store have been forced to purchase more than normal amounts.

The analgesics and fever reducers by the most recognized firms and the most costly are the ones of the greatest demand.

Due to the demand that causes the scarcity of the medication, some clients have had to go to more than one pharmacy to secure a supply.

Some buy the medication because they have relatives who are sick with the fever and others as a preventive measure, in case some member of their family comes down with the fever.

In some of the People’s Pharmacies (Promese), such as the one in the installations of the National Water and Sewer Institute, (Inapa), the treatment for the virus has gone off the shelves.

The Chikungunya virus is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, the same one that transmits dengue, and the symptoms are similar, except that the fever of the new epidemic is higher and the joint pains are greater.


The demand for attention is still high in the hospitals, where some of the medical personnel and administrative staff have been affected.

In the hospital in Engombe, in West Santo Domingo, the two emergency areas, the one for children and the one for adults, were full of patients, even nurses who had to find refuge in the rest rooms because of the strong pain they said they felt.


The National Commission on Epidemiological Watch of the Ministry of Public Health meets today to look at the situation and it is expected that they report on the behavior of the virus.

On this occasion it is expected that representatives of the different city governments in Greater Santo Domingo will also take part.

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