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Chikungunya is epidemic and only education will control it

SANTO DOMINGO. The chikungunya virus has reached the denomination of epidemic, so that it is important that the population takes on with seriousness the cleanup of their homes and surroundings, with the purpose of keeping the disease under control.

The representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Lilian Reneau-Vernon, said that the health authorities are acting properly, and that in the country there is a control of the virus, and that it is up to the citizens and the state institutions, as well as the city governments to join forces in order to keep up the hygiene which will help stop the spread of the virus.

She explained that there is no need to be alarmed, but rather learn about the disease in order to avoid the mosquito reservoirs.

The chikungunya is cause by the bite of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, the same one that transmits dengue fever, and is characterized by fever, pain in the joints and skin eruptions. It is rarely serious.

According to Reneau-Vernon, education is the only way to halt the progress of the disease, whose warning in the country came last January, after finding dozens of cases in several Caribbean islands.

For his part, the Minister of Public Health, Freddy Hidalgo Nuñez, after visiting the public hospital in Haina, where the viral infection is affecting a large number of persons, said that in order to prevent this sickness and the dengue, it is necessary that the citizens take on as a culture, the elimination of the mosquito breeding grounds.

“If all of the citizens take on in our houses the cleanup of the patios in order to avoid the accumulation of clean water, in the same way we are going to reduce the incidence of cases of chikungunya and dengue,” he said.

He pointed out that in his monitoring visit to the public hospital he confirmed that the treatment is out-patient and there is no need to hospitalize the patients.

He indicated that, although it is not a hospital practice, the hospital has been giving away medicine to the patients.

Regarding the services, he reported that the number of doctors and nurses correspond to the demand of the patients.

He reiterated also that the Ministry of Public Health continues to be watchful over the behavior of the virus in the country, with the implementation of the control and prevention measures, and that the cases identified in other provinces have some relation to the province of San Cristobal as the result of the movement of persons the occurred during the last Holy Week.

And also, the representative of the PAHO said recently that the reproduction and expansion of some vectors (carriers), and therefore the transmission of the diseases caused by them, she has seen favored by the migratory phenomena, the increase of air and ground traffic and the uncontrolled urban expansion. In addition to the province of San Cristobal, there has been notification of suspected cases of the epidemic in the provinces of Santo Domingo and Hato Mayor, as well as the National District.

ADN will attack possible breeding grounds

The City Government of the National District (ADN) announced yesterday that initiation of a plan to reduce the effects of the chikungunya virus. The plan covers three basic aspects: the design and execution of a plan for the elimination of mosquito breeding grounds; second, the program of education and awareness for the people regarding the need to recognize the symptoms and ways to avoid the disease, and third, the social and civic movement for the prevention and control of the disease.

The identification and elimination of the possible breeding grounds of the mosquitoes is being carried out through the efforts of 573 neighborhood boards that have been identified in the National District, who have approximately 6,000 members that can take part in the plan.

Source: DiarioLibre

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