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Chikungunya does not ease; more cases arrive at hospitals each day

SANTO DOMINGO. The Chikungunya epidemic continues to affect residents of the municipalities of Haina and Nigua, as well as in the province of San Cristobal, where yesterday patients of different ages with symptoms of the virus arrived in the emergency rooms in search of medical assistance. Complete families from these communities are affected by the virus that is transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

Silvana Valdes and Rosibel Rodruguez are two mothers who last week were diagnosed with the virus and yesterday were with their feverish children, two in the case of the former and one of the latter, in the emergency room of the Juan Pablo Pina Hospital in San Cristobal.

They reside in the San Isidro barrio, where they said that the majority of the inhabitants have or have presented the signs of the disease.

Valdes said that in the immediate area of the Fortaleza the prevalence of chikungunya is greater.

“This fever and pain in the body has hit everyone in the house, from my momma to these kids who were the last ones,” Valdes commented.

The arrival of feverish persons continued, both in the morning as in the afternoon at the San Cristobal hospital, where on occasion there was a scarcity of fever medication which is used to lower temperatures, because of the demand.

For tomorrow, Tuesday, the Minister of Public Health, Freddy Hidalgo Nuñez, has on his agenda the heading of a cleanup operation in the sectors of San Cristobal where the virus seems to be centered.


In the community of Haina there is an average of 80 persons a day that go to the municipal hospital of Barsequillo, with signs of the virus, such as fever, pain in the body, a reddening of the skin, according to the director of the hospital, Dr Guillermo Diclo.

Nonetheless, Dr Diclo said that the cases have diminished with relation to when the epidemic started, because then there were 200 persons a day coming in with symptoms of the disease.

In Haina, the most affected areas are Barsequillo, El Carril, and Quita Sueño. He said that they are continuing clean up and hygiene efforts in the area and that they have visited more than 2000 homes of the more than 10,000 houses in the area.

It is a chemical

Among the residents of Haina, Nigua and San Cristobal there is the continuing hypothesis that the affliction is not by chikungunya, but rather from a chemical that was sprayed in the area.

In the face of this situation, the authorities from the Minister of Public Health have held several community forums, the most recent with the environmentalist Luis Carvajal and there director of the Epidemiology Department, Raquel Pimentel, who explained to the audience that the cases of fever are really due to the bite of a mosquito and they are advising the people to keep their houses and the surroundings clean, in order to avoid breeding areas for the mosquito and the spread of the disease. The most recent information from the Ministry of Public Health says that they have counted 7,520 suspicious cases.

Source: DiarioLibre

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