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Chief of National Police spoke lies when announced the implementation of 911 service in Puerto Plata and a new police station in Maimon

PUERTO PLATA several months ago in several local and national media there were informative reviews where the head of the National Police – Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, announced with great fanfare the construction of a police station in the borough of Maimon, in addition to the extension of the Integrated Emergency System 9-1-1 in Puerto Plata, which proved to be pure fallacy .
In the month of June, the police chief announced that supposedly immediately they started building of the police station in Maimon, to ensure positive results in the fight against organized crime, especially from 2015 when the operation of the cruise ship terminal will begin.
In the same month, General Castro Castillo also announced that the 911 service would be extended to the province by the end of November 2014, though it will elapse in the first week of December. However neither of these promises by the chief of the National Police have been fulfilled. Moreover he is joining a long list of government officials who have promised many things for Puerto Plata, but these offers are only vulgar lies as many people realized so.
In the statements given at that time, the chief of the National Police joins the Ministry of Tourism and Public Works and on more than a dozen occasions has offered the realization of priority works for Puerto Plata as are: the road with four lanes, the submarine sewage outfall, the public hospital in Sosua, including unfulfilled pledges – all this has given him the title of terrible liar.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    People who tell lies are totally untrustworthy.

    Was The Maimon building there to house the criminals?

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