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Chamber of Deputies defends transparency of tender for purchase of presents for Mother’s day

SD. The Chamber of Deputies defended itself yesterday regarding the transparency of the Public National Tender carried out by this chamber for the purchase of 82,357 appliances and household items, for RD$176.9 million, to be given away on Mother’s Day.

In a press release, and in public statements, the lower chamber answered a report published by Diario Libre titled “Food suppliers sold electric appliances to Chamber of Deputies.”

In the document, the Chamber says that the purchasing process was carried out according to Law 340-06 and its regulations of application Number 543-12.

They say that “there is no possibility of award a company that does not have its registration,” as a State Supplier at the General Directorate of Public Contracts, and that the business name does not correspond to the object of the contract.

They argue that a company can be registered as a supplier of different items and that in a particular tender process they can designate one or several persons as their representatives.

Upon being questioned on this issue on radio and television programs, Abel Martinez, the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, assured his interviewers of the transparency of the public tender to acquire the Mother’s Day presents and the stressed the independence of the Purchasing and Contracts Committee of the institution.

He admitted that giving presents or aid is not the work of the deputies, but he said that they cannot turn their back on the needs of the people. He said that he hopes that one day the country will have the education and national conscience that the deputies should concentrate on their work to legislate and supervise.

He regretted that the Chamber of Deputies was the object of scrutiny by sectors “bathed in dark interests,” that have nothing to do with the institutional transparency with which he assured reporters, this institution (the Chamber) is managed. He said that the delivery of the presents is always supervised by auditors from the lower chamber.

Attacks on Diario Libre

The majority of the deputies consulted on this issue did not base their defense on explaining the findings discovered by the Diario Libre regarding the public tender process and they limited themselves to belittling the executives of this newspapers and entities of the civil society.

The spokesman of the PLD bloc of deputies, Ruben Maldonado, visibly upset, said that some media, such as the Diario Libre, have a strong interest to do harm, because they publish always information with a slant, which he did not want to specify. He said that the tender was done with transparency and strict adherence to the law.

He said he felt it was embarrassing and unfair that they question the deputies for giving away presents. He justified the presents saying that “unfortunately” there exists as hungry people that always expects something from the legislators.

The PLD deputy, Juan QuiƱones, also admitted that giving assistance is not the role of the deputies, and he justified them by saying that there was too much poverty in the country.

He said that what should be talked about is the nearly RRD$400 billion that the state gives the Dominican business class and civil society institutions in tax exemptions, which he understands are the sectors that are behind these campaigns to discredit the deputies.

The PRD deputy, Jorge Frias, was one of those who most strongly attacked the executive of the Diario Libre. He said that this money was not sufficient and that they should have given away RD$300 million.

The spokesman for the PRD deputies, Radhames Gonzalez, said that he was ignorant as to the purchasing process carried out by the lower chamber, because the legislators only have access to the form but not the manner it is done.

Source: DiarioLibre

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