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Central government employees increased 20.5% since August 2012

SD. As of August 2014 on the payroll of the central government there are 440,898 active public employees, which represents a growth of 20.5% with relation to the number registered in August 2012, which is the month in which the present administration was inaugurated.

This means that during these two years the central government added 75,138 new active employees.

For the same period, the number of employees who were pensioned went from 152,662 (in August 2012) to 166,632 (in August 2014), which on the latter date places the total payroll of the central government which includes both active personnel and pensioners, at 607,530 salaries.

This information was supplied to the Diario Libre by the Controller General of the Republic (CGR), 22 days after they were requested through the Office of Free Access to Public Information of this state institution.

In addition to the information corresponding to the central government, the request also included the same information regarding the decentralized institutions of the government such as the city governments.

Nevertheless, in the answering letter from the Controller, signed by the Controller General Rafael Antonio Germosen Andujar, in one of its paragraphs reads as follows: “We must note that the payrolls of the city governments nor the autonomist or decentralized institutions are not sent to this office, therefore it is impossible for us to provide this information.”

Up until 2012, the Controller General of the Republic published each month on its webpage information regarding the public payroll corresponding to the centralized government and decentralized institutions, which included the number of active employees, the number of jobs and the amounts and the number of pensioners and the total amounts paid.

Nevertheless, this activity, reported in frequent publications in the press regarding the public payroll, according with what was said by those who work at the Office for the Free Access to Public Information of the Controller General, is unknown in this institution.

The CGR had been asked for the information requested be delivered in the Excel format, on a CD. Nevertheless, the delivery was made in a PDF format, which made it significantly more difficult to add up and analyze the information on each ministry.

Starting from the information divulged by the Controller General, until November 2012, the Diario Libre published that the total public payroll of the central government and decentralized agencies was 626,563 active employees and pensioners. Of these the central government was responsible for 473,121 persons and jobs, both active and pensioned.

A growth of 52.5%

In August 2012, the disbursement corresponding to the joint payroll of the ministries and its institutions was RD $5.151 billion. In August 2014, 24 months later, the amount disbursed for the same concept climbed to RD $7.858 billion, which reflects a growth in the cost of the payroll of 52.5%.

In its report regarding the economy as of December 2013, the Central Bank says that the personnel occupied in the public administration grew that year by 2%. According to the Central Bank, in the case of the central government this growth was 2% with respect to 2012. While the growth in the number of employees in the decentralized institutions, municipalities and Social Security was 13.7%, -0.4% and 8.2% respectively.

According to the Central Bank during those years, the ministries that they observed with the greatest increase in payrolls where those of the Armed Forces, with 3.5%; Public Works with 6.9%; the Interior and Police, with 1.9%; Hacienda with 5% and the Judicial Power with 4.1%.

For 2014, the Central Bank is only published reports on the economy until the second quarter, in which they have not released information regarding the working population in the Public Administration.

Many people and low salaries

“With this miserable salary a Dominican cannot buy anything,” the Minister of Public Administration dared to tell the media. Ramon Ventura Camejo was referring to what he understands as the necessary transformation of a public administration based on patronage and which is inoperative into a modern and institutional administration. The low salaries in the public sector, for the majority of the government employees, have been accompanied by an increase in the appointments. According to Camejo, 80% of the employees and the Public Administration barely receive RD $5117 pesos a month.

Source: DiarioLibre

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