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Capotillo: the most violent barrio, with three murders a week

SD. Capotillo is the most violent barrio if the capital where so far this year there have been 84 violent deaths, including several minors and at least nine women. The information comes from the daily reports that are issued by the National Police which note the violent incidents that occur all over the country,

Other barrios that are on the list are Simon Bolivar, La CaƱita, Los Guandules, and Guachupita, among others.

In Simon Bolivar barrio the gang that are fighting over drug distribution spots have caused 52 deaths in the same period.

In Capotillo, the residents there complain that the principle problem is the sale and consumption of drugs, and several gangs are fighting for control, so that every night gunshots are heard which forces residents to close up their houses early.

In the first week of this month, Aristides del Rosario (Ari), Amilcar Santana (El Viejo) and another person known only as “El Cojo” (The Gimp) were shot and killed. All three were well known drug dealers, according to the Police reports.

Recently the 15 year old Wilkin Araujo (Manilon) was shot and killed during a shooting that also caused four men and a young girl of 14 to be injured.

Also killed in gang fights were Pablo Rosario, “the Monster”, Marina Santos and a man known only as “Berto.”

The Evangelical pastor Leoncio Santiago accused the Police of being responsible for the crime that dominates Capotillo, and continued by asking the Chief of Police to remove the entire detachment, “because the policemen that we have are friends with the gangsters.”

He said that the biggest problem is that the young people see the sale of drugs as their future, and he added that this keeps Capotillo from developing.

In the meantime, in Simon Bolivar, the clamoring is for the same thing. The residents feel that the authorities have been careless with the sector, and that they have only made promises. Merchant Julio Santana says that many of the young people that belong to gangs are in the protection racket, collecting “tolls.”

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