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Cabarete’s water treatment plant issues

About eight years ago a water treatment plant was built near Cabarete. It is a very modern plant that costs millions of dollars. Most parts of this purification plant were imported. The larger hotels in Cabarete raised the money because they wanted a solution for the disposal of sewage water. The hotels do not have a sewage system, and toilets are discharged into a cesspool. Once a week a tanker truck comes along to the hotels to suck the cesspools empty. With the construction of a modern sewage treatment plant hotel owners hoped for an environmentally friendly way to solve their problem.
The installation works with biological purification of waste water by bacteria which leaves at the end of the treatment phases as clean and drinkable water, and compost. To get the sewage water to the plant, the plant is located on a higher level, a large pump is included in the plan. This pump has, for obscure reasons, disappeared from the plan, although the hotel owners have paid for it. At this time, the plant is rusting away and it seems impossible to get then sewage treatment plant to start working. Millions of dollars have been thrown away and the tanker truck still comes to the hotels every week to empty the cesspools.

Source: Sosua News

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