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Budget could be modified to increase funds for JCE, UASD and Justice

SANTO DOMINGO. The health sector, the Judicial Power, the Central Electoral Board (J CE) and the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (U ASD), are some of the institutions that require a larger share of the resources in the General Budget of the State 2015.

During the first meeting of the Joint Commission in the National Congress, with the purpose of studying the Budget, legislators expressed their interest that it should be modified, in order to redistribute the resources and in this way benefit the sectors that they referred to.

“This is what has been contemplated, but we are in the preparations of a plan of work in order to discuss the budget. The majority of us are unified, in the sense that we worry that we have to improve the income, in the sectors that were cited,” said the senator from La Vega, Euclides Sanchez. Nonetheless, he recognized that the resources are fewer, “so that they will have to follow the scheme.”

In the meantime, the spokesman for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) in the Chamber of Deputies, Rudy Gonzalez, made it clear that the budget is “unbalanced.” “The health sector is going to collapse. The real news is that the health sector does not have a penny. There is an obligation, there is the need to redo the budgetary assignments. This can be done in two ways. It could be that the Executive sends an Addendum, or there might be the need for Congress to stand in front of the country and see that they have the obligation of modifying the budget of the state for the PLD administration,” he said.

And, the deputy for the National Progressive Force (FNP), Vinicio Castillo Seman, said that he asked the Joint Commission to invite the representatives of the Central Electoral Board, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Constitutional Tribunal to the hearings, “because they are fundamental in the development of the institutional life of the country, and they should be heard.”

The legislators agreed that the JCE needs more resources to prepare for the congressional and presidential elections of the year 2016, which they defined as “complex.”

Likewise, the spokesman for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), deputy Bertico Santana, questioned the increase in the budget for the educational sector, when – he said – the institution has not carried out the current budget. “We wish to make a reassessment of the budget so that it revolves around the health sector, because you cannot educate a person who is sick,” he said.

The chairman of the Hacienda Commission of the Senate, Tommy Galan, noted that in this first meeting they established the general criteria for the budget discussions.

In a like manner, he reported that this Wednesday the Joint Commission will receive the Minister of Hacienda, Simon Lizardo, and the Director General of Internal Taxes, Guarocuya Felix.

Source: DiarioLibre

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