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Broad-based rejection for division of the province of Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO. Any attempt to divide the province of Santo Domingo will not be more than an absurdity which would only serve to increase the bureaucracy and the General Budget of the Nation according to experts and representatives of the municipalities yesterday. These experts argue for the strengthening of the regions of the country.

Erick Dorrejo, an architect and urban planner, together with the former director of the National Council for the Reformation of the State and the former deputy Tirso Mejia Ricart, in separate statements coincided in pointing out that the process of dividing (a province) is not the ideal way, nor is it the most convenient.

“I believe that the process of dividing is not what is to be recommended, but rather what should be undertaken by our country is to concentrate a little on the administrative management of the territory, and the fractioning of the territory into more municipalities, or more provinces what it does is to contribute a little to the chaos, to the complexity of the system that has been going downhill over the past few years,” said Dorrejo.

In his judgment, a system of unique regions should be defined for the territory. This would permit all of the actors to work within boundaries that are more ample than a small municipality or a single province.

In a similar manner, he said that once a fractioning takes place they would be adding a greater amount personnel, implying an increase in the general budget of the nation.

“The question of management and the creation of new actors would be complicated, there would be new intermediaries, new persons taking part in this cake. This would not allow the return to the population of the best public services, but rather to the contrary, it would be every little chieftain with his own little part,” he noted.

In the meantime, Mejia Ricart has the theory also that they should strengthen the ten regions of the country, since with this they would contribute to a better territorial organization, “This (the division of the province) would increase the bureaucracy, so perhaps someone interested in becoming a senator or a governor could be pushing this, but it makes no sense,” he stressed.

He questioned that the legislative proposal would be the object of study by the Municipal Affairs Commission, with the understanding that it requires decentralization “when a province does not imply decentralization, but rather barely some dispersal of the Executive Power.”

It would be untimely

In the meantime, the president of the Dominican Association of Council Members (Asodore), Julian Roa, said that this is not the time to push this initiative and he recalled that the Commission of Municipal Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies committed itself with technicians and experts in city planning to wait for the approval in the National Congress of the Law on Territorial Organization, in accordance with what is set out in the Constitution.

“It would be fundamentally breaking up the Budget, creating new jobs, which I am not saying are not necessary, but this is not the time for this right now. This is untimely. First we have to approve the Territorial Organization Law, then approve the Law on Unique Regions for Planning and then think about how the Dominican state should be partially divided or administratively divided,” he set forth.

He recalled that the proposal of the Law for Territorial Organization has been pushed by the Directorate of Territorial Organization with funds from overseas. “These are generally political pressures. The creation of new jobs, of new public offices….,” he emphasized.

And in the meantime, the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipal Districts (Fedodin), Pedro Richardson, criticized that they were trying to create more provinces because the country does not need them, and the bureaucracy would increase. Nevertheless, he did argue for the creation of more municipal districts or municipalities and the before this they should first approve the Law on Territorial Organization.

Senators, mayors and the bureaucracy

If the proposal to divide the province of Santo Domingo is accepted, this would increase the membership in the Senate from 32 to 34 senators. In additions with the creation of new municipalities such as Los Guaricanos, Sabana Perdida, La Victoria, West Santo Domingo, Los Alcarrizos, Pedro Brand and eight municipal districts, the number of mayors and district directors would increase significantly. This would require the disbursal of more resources by the State. The legislative proposal suggests that these new authorities should be elected in the 2016 elections.

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