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Bracelet won’t stop chikungunya

National Tropical Disease Control Center (Cencet) director Jose Manuel Puello has warned that wearing of a citronella bracelet to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes may be creating false hopes amongst the public.

The “super bands” repellents are being distributed in several parts of Santo Domingo and supposedly stop the wearer from being bitten.

But Puello said that there is no scientific proof that the bracelets help to prevent dengue and chikungunya and said people should stick to the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry. They include reducing the vector by using chlorine in water tanks and eliminating mosquito-breeding areas. He said that a 55 gallon tank, which many Dominicans used to store water, could produce 80 to 120 mosquitoes a day and people should put chlorine or bleach in the tank twice a week to prevent it being used as a mosquito breeding ground.

Source; DR1, Listindiario

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  1. Samson

    Are there any steps that one can take to avoid this disease or what steps are available if one does catch it?

  2. admin

    For preventative measures please read this article:

    If infected, take lots of liquids (water, juice), and acetaminophen (2-3 times daily).

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