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Bella Vista, a sector threatened by its growth

The uncontrolled proliferation of high-rise buildings, which represent 75% of the housing of the sector at the present time, and the constant traffic tie ups, are the principle complaints of its neighbors.

Bella Vista, one of the best places of the National District in which to live, for its tranquility, economic and social development, is in complete evolution. Alarmed by some of the problems which are now becoming evident and those which, they feel, the City Government of the National District (ADN) is not paying attention to, the neighbors of the sector are beginning to reorganize themselves in order to make their voices heard.

This sector, with 15,604 residents, has the privilege of access to one of the most important parks of the Dominican capital: the Mirador Sur, which continues facing several risks, in spite of the fact that after a report regarding its decadence made by the Diario Libre in May of this year, the ADN appointed a commission to resolve them. Four months later (27 August) the commission met for the first time.

In the meantime, the uncontrolled proliferation of high-rise buildings – which at the present time represent 75% of the housing of the sector – and the constant traffic jams, will cause, if it is not stopped now, the area to lose its order and become just another distorted area of the city center.

“They build the sidewalks at the whim of the constructors! Disabled persons and the elderly cannot walk on them! The risk of going down the street with cars parked on the sidewalk; with motorcycles coming at high velocity or you find a hole which impedes the continuation of your walk, why talk!,” says Josefa Encarnacion, who suffered from polio, and describes with sadness the transformation that the place where she has lived for 40 years is undergoing.

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