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Ban Ki-moon asks Dominicans to take responsibility for Haiti government lapse

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations has asked the Dominican Republic to bear the burden for the lack of responsibility of the government in Haiti in providing legal documentation to those born in Haiti and their descendants.

Most people living in Haiti are “stateless” because the government has traditionally not given priority to providing documentation. As a result most people do not have any legal documentation. Another reason for lack of documentation in Haiti is the red tape and the fact that the government of Haiti charges for documentation contrary to the Dominican Republic where birth certificates and first IDs are free. This creates massive “stateless” situation when these people migrate to a country where documentation is an issue.

Speaking at the joint session of the General Assembly of legislators of the Dominican Republic yesterday, 16 July 2014, Ban Ki-moon called for all the men, women and children of Hispaniola to have the opportunity for a decent living and for the Dominican Republic to grant Dominican nationality to the “stateless” of the island. He disregarded that the Haitian constitution grants Haitian nationality to all born to a Haitian, regardless where the birth takes place. He also disregarded that the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic requires legal residence status for granting Dominican nationality to the offspring of a foreigner.

In response, president of the Senate Reinaldo Pared Perez asked the Secretary General of the United Nations “to help control the fragile and undefended border through which firearms, people and drugs are trafficked”. He said that throughout the year, with ups and down, the Dominican Republic and Haiti have been able to keep brotherly relations and peaceful co-existence. He denied Haitians are discriminated for race or color. He said the country has confronted a serious migration problem for decades and after the issuing of ruling 168-13 of the Constitutional Court has been victim of an international campaign. Pared Perez read the Juan Pablo Duarte statement that calls for the separation of the country with the Haitian government and the instating of a free, sovereign and independent nation. This marked the independence of the Dominican Republic in 1844.

Pared Perez said that what the country has to do is adhere to the law. “Those that meet the conditions will receive documentation. Those that do not will need to regularize their status, not only the Haitians for all that live irregularly in our country,” said the president of the Senate.

After the event in Congress, the secretary general of the United Nations met with officers of the Agency for Special Programs of the Presidency (Digepep) at the Edificio de Oficinas Gubernamentales. Ki-moon highlighted the importance of education, commenting that his mother never went to school, but took great pains to educate her children, and thanks to her today he is secretary general of the UN.

Ki-moon left at around 7pm by way of Las Americas International Airport, after a 48-hour visit on 15-16 July.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

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