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Authorities will install computer network to pursue identity theft or impersonations

SD. The Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito, announced the implementation of a network that will be connected throughout the country to the Justice Department. The aim is to deal with the impersonations or identity thefts, with which bail bonds are avoided and recidivists hide behind multiple identities to escape from bail bonds and commit crimes.

The official explained to Diario Libre that because there was no unique database, defendants were able to escape by hiding behind double identities. In that manner they escape from the prosecution to which they were subjected.

He revealed that this network will permit that in any part of the country and with the best quality technology available, the Justice Department can verify the history of a person under investigation.

He said that the Justice department will concentrate in 2014 on two fundamental strategies of pursuit.

The first consists of the startup of operations of a computer platform that seeks to establish a broadband network and interconnection which will be the most modern in the country.

“With the agreement with Claro-Codetel, the Justice Department will establish in all of the provinces the highest potential which is available from this telecommunications company, which for the first time in the country will be interconnected all of the activities of the penal justice system which is the responsibility of the Justice Department.”

He said that this will permit them to be more effective, above all in the cases of impunity.

Dominguez Brito said also that the 911 system is going to have an important component regarding citizen safety because it will permit fast access in cases of flagrant crimes.

“This implies that both the crime scene and the arrests in cases of flagrant crimes will be much more efficient. This will also combat all the issues of impunity.

The homicide rate

In strategic terms, he said that he expects a reduction of the homicide rates, gender murders, and kidnappings, which he qualified as among the lowest in the American continents.

“The worry continues being the robberies and the assaults, above all on motorcycles, in houses and on pedestrians out walking.”

The Attorney General believes that this is one of the great challenges, that same as fighting the micro-traffic of drugs.

“However, I continue understanding that the most serious problem of citizen safety continues to be robberies and assaults on the public roads and in homes,” he repeated.

Source: DiarioLibre

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