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Attorney General recognizes weaknesses in Dominican prison system

SANTIAGO. The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito recognized in Santiago the weaknesses of the country’s prison system, basically reflected by the crowded conditions in which the inmates have to live.

In this sense, he said that in order to resolve the lack of space they need some RD $3.5 billion in order to build more prison centers in different regions of the country.

“It is true, we have great limitations in our jails, with an overpopulation that increases each day; just in La Victoria we have more than 8000 persons, more than an urban or rural community,” underlined the Attorney General as he received the backing of business and industrial associations in Santiago for his fight against corruption, in an activity held at the Business Building on Las Carreras Avenue.

Dominguez Brito said that he has no fear and no worry as he acts against corruption, since this is the mission of the Justice Department.

“The struggle against corruption is framed on the one hand by controls and on the other in the prosecution; I understand that the government has given demonstrations that things be handled with transparency. I can tell you that the drawings for the construction of the public schools as well as the national and international tenders that are carried out for purchases and contracts of public works and services are transparent,” the Attorney General of the Republic noted carefully.

He said that in the country they are working to strengthen the Democratic system.

Regarding the events at the Najayo jail, Dominguez Brito said that it has been proven that it originated from organized crime, but that we have to wait for the conclusions of the investigations.

Regarding the jails, he recognized that there is a very difficult situation and he reiterated that they need more than RD $3.5 billion pesos so that each inmate can sleep peacefully on a bed.

Dominguez Brito refused to give an opinion regarding a survey which says that former President Leonel Fernandez and Felix Bautista are the two most corrupt persons in the country.

“Truth and justice should prevail independently of any circumstances,” insisted the Attorney General of the Republic.

He indicated that he personally has no fear or worries.

Regarding Santiago, the Attorney General of the Republic said that the principal problems are assaults and robberies, since homicides are going down. The president of the Association of Merchants and Industrialists, Sandy Filpo, said that they support the fight of the Attorney General of the Republic because they understand that he is working to clean up the performance of public officials in order to favor all Dominicans.

“Among everyone, society, businesses and the state we have to contribute so that the Justice Department can exercise its functions according to the principles of legality, objectivity and unity of action,” said Filpo.

He indicated that there should be a real commitment of all of society, to demand the proper handling of the resources which belong to the people.

Among the business leaders present at the activity were Kendrick Kelner, of the Plan Estratégico, Aquiles Bermúdez, of the Free Zone Association, Licentiate Miguel A, Lama, of the Victor Espaillat Mera Free Zone, Licentiate Luis José Bonilla Bojos; Doctor Reynaldo Peguero, Lina García, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Fernando Puig and Carolina Féliz.

Source: DiarioLibre

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