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Attorney General outlines new investigative system in DR

SANTO DOMINGO. The Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito, outlined the establishment of a transition which aims to prepare and create a new policy for investigations in the country.

Likewise, he revealed that there is no system for picking up fingerprints.

“I laugh a lot and at the same time I am sorry, when I observe that police officers from the Scientific Police, above all, go and try to pick up fingerprints; the spread the dust and so forth, and at the end it is true that I trick myself and we are tricking the whole world, because everyone of us that work in this know that this is not true.”

the official warned that the selection criteria has to change, so that there are no police with seventh and eighth grade educations working on collecting blood samples, or technology or on crime scenes, “and much less write interrogation reports or do absolutely anything.”

He says that he understands that the criteria has to change drastically with regards as to what a police investigator should be.

Dominguez Brito wants an elite investigative force who are graduated from the academy and can supply the needs of the force.

“We will have to convene an extraordinary process of recruitment with very precise selection criteria in order to enter a training process with the amount of personnel necessary to carry out this new investigative police force.”

He said that he felt that in the National Police and in the Armed Forces there are men and women with sufficient aptitudes to carry out this transition, which implies the recruitment of between 2,000 and 3,000 investigative officers with good salaries.

The official suggested that until there is a very clear difference between the uniforms and the investigation squads “Things will not get better.”

“If we do not carry out a profound change in the vision, the scheme and the investigative model in the Dominican Republic, we are going to continue to have these same difficulties.”

The official spoke during the presentation of the Manual of the Investigation Plan for the Dominican Republic which was sponsored by the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime.

He argued for a fast transition towards a new investigative vision.

“The idea is not to erase totally, but the idea is also not to brush over things which resolves absolutely nothing.”

Dominguez Brito said he felt that an investigative manual is worth nothing, nor are training courses if there is not a clear difference between the two parts.

In the event, the Deputy Chief of the Police, General Alejandro Dipre Sierra, and the representative of the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime, Monica Mendoza also spoke. Mendoza underlined the need for a united investigative system in order to fight crime.

Source: DiarioLibre

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  1. Samson

    We do seem to be so far behind the rest of the world. Can they only catch a criminal who gives himself up?

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