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Archaeological research during the construction of amphitheater

At the head of the Malecón (Seafront) of Puerto Plata, opposite the fort of San Felipe they currently work on the construction of an amphitheater. It is suspected that the soil is rich in archaeological remains from times gone by. The fort was built in 1562 by the Spaniards as a defense against the constant raids by (English, French and Dutch) corsairs. In 1605 the Spanish King ordered the destruction of the fort and Puerto Plata and the evacuation of the population because the Protestant religion became too popular there. In 1739 the fort was rebuilt and then frequently used as a prison. Of all these activities, there should be many traces to be found in the form of weapons, clothing and utensils in the soil. Yet Archaeologists now have 14 days to explore the terrain. Then the construction of the amphitheater starts. At the amphitheater all kinds of cultural activities will take place in the future to boost tourism.

Source: Sosua News

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