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Another confusing standoff; this time Holiday Inn Hotel

Santo Domingo.- The Police near Tuesday noon said it seized guns, tape and knives inside the white BMW auto left by a group of men early Tuesday, when they allegedly tried to kidnap Venezuelan businessman Luis Rios Virla, who arrived Monday to collect a US$2.5 million debt from the bank Peravia.

FILE. The National Police questions around 20 people, allegedly from the National District Office of the Prosecutor and several employees of the Holiday Inn Hotel, in the heels of a “confusing incident” right in the middle of downtown

A group claiming to be officers of the National District Office of the Prosecutor arrived early Tuesday to conduct a raid in the lodging of Venezuelan businessman Luis Ríos Virla, but it was reportedly to serve a lien against the business. Rios reportedly came to the country to collect a US$2.5 million debt in a local bank.

Both Holiday Inn hotel staff and the alleged officers were taken to the Naco police precinct for questioning, to clarify the standoff.

Source: DT

Update Oct 29, 2014: Another twist to kidnapping story

The incident that took place yesterday, Tuesday 28 October 2014 at the Holiday Inn on Santo Domingo’s Abraham Lincoln Avenue, initially reported as an attempted kidnapping, has ended with Venezuelan businessman Luis Rios Virla being handed over to the authorities.

Rios Virla went to the Naco police station at noon so that they could fulfill an arrest warrant for him as ordered by executives of the Banco Peravia who are accusing him of making death threats against them. The businessman said that he had trust in the Dominican authorities, and would continue to invest in the country.

Accompanied by his lawyers Miguel Valerio and Cesar Amadeo Peralta, Rios Virla restated that the incident at the hotel earlier that day was an attempted kidnapping.

He says that 14 men came to the hotel at 6am claiming that they were policemen with a warrant for his arrest.

According to his lawyer, Rios Virla had arrived in the country with another five businessmen to claim US$15 million that they had deposited in the Peravia Bank and had spent three years trying to get back.

Peralta said that the men in the alleged kidnap gang had been detained by the police and had abandoned one of their vehicles at the hotel. He confirmed that the vehicles were new and that all the men were armed. He said that the police had taken all of the men to Naco police station as well as the other vehicles.

However, Peralta’s version of events contradicts that of the head of marketing at the Holiday Inn in terms of the time of the supposed kidnapping attempt and the number of people involved.

According to Exmin Carvajal, the incident took place between 8am and 8:30am and there were six men involved. He said that Rios Virla was a regular guest at the hotel and assured that the incident had nothing to do with the Holiday Inn.

Angel Lockward, lawyer for Banco Peravia was also at the Naco police station and he had the arrest warrant authorized by a judge and public prosecutor Manuel E Tejada, against Rios Virla for allegedly making death threats against bank executives Gabriel Jimenez and Jose Luis Santoro.

At present it is not clear whether Rios Virla is under arrest at the police station, as Lockward says or in his room at the hotel as his lawyer maintains.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

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