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Angelina Jolie and Desmond Tutu in stateless campaign

Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie are backing an ambitious global campaign announced on Tuesday, 18 November 2014 to call for an end the plight of at least 10 million stateless people with no country to call home. The campaign is funded by the UN Refugee Agency.

UNHCR argues there are stateless persons living in the Dominican Republic, but Foreign Minister Andres Navarro has denied this.

The Haitian Constitution recognizes blood right whereby Haitians are Haitians if they are born to a Haitian parent regardless where they are born. The problem has been caused by the Haitian authorities delaying the issue of legal documents to Haitians in the Dominican Republic and even to people born in Haiti where it is a costly procedure.

The Dominican government has been very proactive in helping poor people in the Dominican Republic to legalize their status. The Constitutional Court called for the implementation of the National Regularization Plan whereby foreigners can legalize their status for free, but need to present documentation from their country of origin in the cases of people born to foreigners in the Dominican Republic. A complementary law, Law 169-14 also facilitates naturalization. Both the plan and the law were created to resolve the legal limbo affecting many people living in the Dominican Republic. But the laws depend on the cooperation of the Haitian government in providing documentation to its nationals.

Source: DR1, Reuters

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