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An Ukranien woman got shot by a robber in Sosua’s street

PUERTO PLATA. – Last night (Feb, 21) in the town of Sosua, an unknown man shot gun with several shots at a foreign resident when she resisted the assault. The man tried to take her purse containing cash and personal documents.
The victim was identified as Ava Cimbalnikova, 61-year-old resident in the “Cementerio Los Judíos” sector who was stopped by the assaulting man when she was heading to her residence with her husband Zdenek Janak 67, They both were held at gunpoint, and as soon as the woman resisted the assault shot at her instantly claiming her life. After committing the bloody act, the offender took flight, leaving the body of the victim lying in the street, with the devastated husband by her side, and the pain that caused this tragedy.
According to preliminary information provided by the National Police, the victim is of Ukrainian origin, got shot in her left shoulder and an inlet for left side with right side output, while the authorities have started investigations in place to capture the perpetrator of this murder and submit him to the courts of justice.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    How is it that the bad people can get guns yet we cannot have one to defend ourselves?
    If you do defend yourself from an armed robber you will be arrested and locked up or hand over some money.

    Weighted in favor of robbers and police or court officials.

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