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Amet impose fines for no lights

Agents from the Metropolitan Transport Authority (Amet) have imposed fines on 3,433 drivers who were driving at night in vehicles without lights between 25 November and 7 December.

The total includes drivers of 1,554 cars and 1,879 motorcycles without lights, who according to Amet were putting themselves at risk and endangering other road users.

Amet is asking all drivers to check that both lights work on their vehicles, both in front and at the rear.

Source: DR1, Hoy

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  1. Samson

    Are they checking nationally or just in the Capital?

    This is a national problem exasperated by the lack of attention by the Amet.

    The dangers are massive. This should never have been allowed to get to this situation.

    Next major issue is to stop drivers using one way streets the wrong way. As a driver one is looking to establish that it is safe to join the road, not expecting traffic entering the road also on the wrong side. Drivers are being forced to protect particularly motorcyclists from their own stupidity. Is this reasonable??

  2. admin

    They are checking nationally, including the Puerto Plata area.

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