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All together: Government is abusing with toll increases

SD. The owners of personal vehicles and for passengers, as well as the owners of businesses are all of a single voice when they are asked for their opinion regarding the increase the government is thinking of putting into effect, and the majority say: “This is an abuse, because we can’t stand any more increases.”

The persons consulted by Diario Libre near the toll plaza of the Las Americas Highway regarding the 233.33% increase in the tolls for all motor vehicles, expressed their rejection of this plan because they felt that the people can no longer resist more increases, since recently the fuels have gone up and the basic foods have gone up because of the last tax reform.

“Well, diesel at RD$226 pesos, and the increase the tolls by RD$138 more, and I who is one who has to travel to the capital two or three times (a day), it is abusive,” said Jose Castro, who sells glass bottles and lives in Boca Chica and who carries them in a little truck.

Castro, who said that nobody will be able to support this exaggerated increase, said that the government has to try and take into account that this increase is abusive to the poor of the country.

“This is abusive, this is an assault on Dominicans, this bus goes through there (the toll plaza) five times a day. Then we will have to take to the hills in order to not pay tolls (go by a round-about route) and you can’t even increase the fares, because the fare costs RD$50 pesos and the passengers are unhappy, and they only pay RD$30 and RD$35,” said Diomedes Herrera, a driver of a passenger bus.

At the same time, Esperalda Heredia, a young girl who also lives in La Caleta, Boca Chica, and who works in this same sector earning a salary of just RD$3,000 a month, said that she did not know what she would do if they increase the bus fares to go to the university, because the little money that she has is not sufficient to cover the monthly quota of her studies and the payment of the tolls.

“I come from Bavaro, this is the biggest of abuses, and I went to Samana, this is an abuse, and I have paid more than RD$1,000 in tolls already,” said the driver of an SUV at the toll plaza of the Las Americas Highway, as he rejected the new increase in tolls.

In the meantime, another driver, full of anger said: “What they are doing is trying to get richer, affecting the poorer classes.”

The students and workers that go daily from Boca Chica to the center of the city are currently paying between RD$3,000 and RD$4,500 in fares each month, which means between 26.56% and 39.85% of the highest monthly minimum wage in the Dominican Republic.

And the people that come from Bani to the Capital, the students and the workers, who are those who travel most frequently to the center of the city, spend between RD$3,600 and RD$7,200 on fares which is equal to 31.88% and 63.76% of the minimum wage respectively.

Those passengers from outside the city “are a hair’s breadth away from a fare increase when they increase the tolls.

New toll rates and the syndicates

Sources told Diario Libre that they will use the same multiplier for all vehicles. In this sense, those that now pay RD$30.00 will have to pay RD$100.00 to go back and forth; for the vans that pay RD$50.00 the payment will be RD$166.66. The buses and truck with two axles that now pay RD$60.00 will be paying RD$200, and trucks with three axles and dump trucks that still pay RD$100 will pay RD$333.33. Given this situation, the drivers’ syndicates announced that they will carry out protests over the increases.

Source: DiarioLibre

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