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Alert declared in the country for the Chikungunya Fever virus

SANTO DOMINGO. Although there are no cases of the so-called Chikungunya Fever in the country, the Minister of Public Health issued yesterday an epidemiological alert for the virus which at the present time is affecting the Caribbean island of San Martin, Martinique, St. Barts, Guadaloupe and French Guyana.

The disease, which has symptoms similar to those of the dengue fever, except that the muscular pains are more intense, is also caused by the bite of a mosquito, either the Aedes Aegypti or the Aedes Albopictus.

Freddy Hidalgo Nuñez, in the face of this situation, recommended hygiene measures, the same as those used to prevent dengue. Among these are the covering and use of chlorine in receptacles used for storing water, and keeping homes and surroundings clean of debris.

He also recommended the increase of a watch in ports and airports with emphasis on those ports such as La Romana, Santo Domingo, Sans Souci and Samana where they receive cruise ships with tourists from the islands where more than 280 cases have been detected.

The Chikungunya Fever is endemic in the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania and is emerging in the region, so that last month the Pan American Health Organization declared an epidemiological alert.

Among the symptoms that this fever presents are: fever for more than three days, intense pain in the muscles and joints, persistent abdominal pains, conjunctivitis, vomiting and or bleeding from the mucus tissues or skin. It is recommended to only use medicine prescribed by the doctors and given the suspicion of the illness, do not use aspirin, diclofenac, ibuprophen or any other anti-inflammatory agent since these could cause bleeding and worsen the disease.

To the medical personnel, they are advised to take into account that both dengue as well as Chikungunya could affect the same patient simultaneously, but the start of the fever is more sudden with the new virus and its duration is shorter.

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  1. Samson

    ‘keeping homes and surroundings clean of debris.’

    Everywhere I go, the locals throw their rubbish where ever they happen to be.

    That might need some re education.

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