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AG trusts that Poland will give maximum sentence to Father Gil

SD. The Attorney General of the Republic (AG), Francisco Dominguez Brito, said yesterday that he felt that the Polish justice system would impose drastic punishment against Wojciech Gil, accused of sexually abusing at least nine boys in the Dominican Republic.

He said that “it is an incident that has stabbed the deepest part of the Dominican family.”

Dominguez Brito expressed his confidence that the maximum sentence would be issued, under the principle that crime has not frontiers.

Likewise, he said that a crime committed in the Dominican Republican be punished by a court in another nation with the same strictness and which contributes to the satisfaction of the justice system.

: What happened here is a serious crime against children, we have worked very hard and prepared an accusation against this person, provided the evidence, and up until now we have had the total collaboration of the Polish Justice system.”

The official revealed that yesterday they were communicating with them in order to have information with respect to the arrest and the date of his arraignment before a judge.

In addition, they wanted to learn what will be the probable measures that this magistrate will take with respect to the case, taking into account the options whether it will be a bail bond or a definitive arrest.

“Until now we have had participation, let us say, of working together with the Polish authorities, of supplying whichever documents were required, with the aim of preparing a coherent accusation here with the Poles.”

Dominguez Brito said that once the trial starts they will be evaluating different possibilities.

“Whether this is the contracting of lawyers, the preparation of a civil suit, contacting some non-government Polish agency which could also help us in this sense.”

He warned that what the Dominican authorities do not want is that the case is forgotten with impunity.

“What we are calling for, what we desire, what we hope for is that there is not impunity. These were our children that were abused and we do not want to allow under any condition, impunity, and we will do everything possible to see that justice is carried out.”

He indicated that if it is necessary for prosecutors to go there and the system permits it, they will go to Poland.

“Whatever has to be done, we are going to do so that there is no impunity in this case.”

According to press reports, police agents appeared at Gil’s house in a place near Cracow (in the south of the country) with an arrest warrant issued by the Polish prosecutor.

If the accusations are proved, the priest could spend as much as twelve years in prison, according to Polish laws.

Source: DiarioLibre

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