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According to surveys the Dominican population is more adult

SANTO DOMINGO. In the Dominican Republic the population is ever more adult, and the number of members of the families has gone down, the same as the fertility rate, according to information from the latest surveys by Enhogar and Demography and Health (Endesa) which revealed a broad decline in population growth.

Regarding the composition of the population by age group, in this year’s Enhogar survey it is possible to appreciate that the population of less than 15 (years of age) represents 29.3%, and that in the range between 15 and 64, there are 64.1% and the proportion of persons over 64 is 6.7%.

These numbers indicate that in 2008 there were 146,032 births and that in 2012 there were 127,797, a reduction of 18,235. Of the total number of births, 712,412, 51% (363,665) were boys and 49% (348,702) were girls.

This decrease in births has given way to a reduction in the average size of the families, which are now composed of 3.4 persons (previously they had as many as 10 members), and according to Enhogar this is associated directly with the important reduction over the last decades of the fertility levels, which is one of the most important and influential demographic variables in the study or the evaluation of population growth.

The study puts into evidence that in the urban areas there is a larger proportion of households, with 74.4%, and just 25.6% are in the rural areas. In the meantime, the Endesa numbers also reflect that the number of children under 15 in the population continues to go down, going from 33% in 2007 to 30% in 2013, a situation which is the inverse of the group between 15 and 64, in which from 61% they grew to 64%. The percentages of persons over 65 went from 6 to 7%.

The study shows, in addition, that women in the wealthiest and best educated 20% (quintile or fifth of the population) tend to have between zero and something less than two children on average, while those in the lower economic levels have more than three children. The median age of the first birth is between 25 and 49.

In terms of work

The Economically Active Population (EAP) in the country is around 57.3%, of which 60.8% are men and 39.2% are women.

According to Enhogar, persons between 25 and 44 are those that show the greatest occupation rate both at the national level (75.2%) as well as by sex, with proportions of 89.3% in the case of men and 61.2% in the case of women.

In general terms, according to the survey, the greatest weight in the distribution of working persons is established in the rank between 45 and 64 years of age; 37.6% for the national total, 39.1% in the case of women and 36.7% for the men.

The right to vote

The population of the Dominican Republic, according to the information of the IX National Senses on population and housing 2010, is of 9,445,281 inhabitants, of which 6,978,538 persons have the right to vote.

Source: DiarioLibre

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