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A register of cell phones considered “key” for 911

SD. The Chief of the National Police and the Attorney General of the Republic called upon the population yesterday to verify and update the registration of ownership of their mobile phone lines, a process whose deadline is next 12 June. They feel that this is a key point for the efficient operation of the 911 emergency system.

During a press conference at the Presidential Palace, where questions from reporters were not allowed, the Police chief, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, said that of some eight million pre-paid mobile phones up until now, the phone companies have not been able to update the real users of more than five million of these phones.

“In the operations of the National System of 9-1-1 Emergency and Security Calls, there have been nuisance or prank calls using telephones known as “macos” (which are prepaid phones without verified identification, also called “burn phones” in the United States).” The Chief said this after pointing out that according to police investigations “more than 80% of the cell phones used in different crimes were these “burn phones.”

He recalled that the deadline given by the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) for updating the identity of telephone lines ends this 12 June, after which all phones not verified will be suspended.

This information was also reiterated by the Attorney General, Francisco Dominguez Brito, who pointed out that this process will be of great use to improve the response by the 911 service, since “it will permit the operators to identify the address of the person that is calling and get there with greater precision.”

In December 2013, Indotel issues resolution number 039-13, in which it established a six-month period for the telephone companies to create a mechanism for identifying and validating the users of fixed and mobile lines.

Prank callers will face charges

Dominguez Brito reported, in addition, that they are investigating the owners of 394 phone lines where nuisance calls to 911 originated. This was as of midnight on Monday.

“You can be sure that each one of these cases is being properly investigated, and due process will continue in order for these acts to have consequences,” he assured reporters.

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