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Work at Colonial Zone is ravaging historical wealth, expert warns

Santo Domingo.- The Tourism Ministry’s work in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone without archaeological criteria is destroying remains and historical artifacts within the upper surface layers which hide important information about thousands of years of pre-Hispanic history -the least known and researched- and predates the colonial era.

The architect Federico Abreu said the first two stages of work at the south end of Meriño and La Católica streets, between the Billini and Portes, has totally ruined the nearly three-meter deep archaeological layer, which he affirms are locked up in the Colonial Era’s south walls, aqueduct and terracotta sewers.

“Those first few meters of archaeological material are the story of how our first inhabitants lived and died, what they ate, which tools and utensils they used in their work,” the researcher said in an article published today in

“The archaeological material also contains key information about their culture, society, economics, religious beliefs which other specialized researchers know how to unravel and observe, analyze and interpret the traces and remains of our ancestors’ passing through this world,“ Abreu said, adding that they applied their intelligence in the use of tools and utensils to change their  environment and adapt it to their way of life.

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