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Warning Sex tourist guys! Underage girls use fake ID’s to then blackmail you

It is becoming a common practice in Sosua, when underage girls use fake ID’s to present themselves to new gringo guys, and then blackmail the guys for more money to avoid them being arrested.

Last week a classic example emerged of how dangerous the underage girls can be, for the guys who simply wish to enjoy some company of a nice lady of legal age. 

A Man on vacation to the Sosua – Cabarete area was recently approached by an attractive “youngish looking” Haitian lady wanting to know if he wanted some company for his vacation. Knowing the legal age he instantly asked her if he could view her I.D. after which she presented to him a Cedula displaying her age to be 18. Based on this proof he proceeded to date her and ended up taking her on a trip to Luperon, where he pampered the two of them.

During this trip he got suspicious and checked her Facebook profile, only to learn she was actually younger. He then challenged her that she had lied and provided false I.D. after which she threatened him that she would go to the police and have him locked up for dating a minor if she didn’t get paid out an additional RD$10,000. He did pay her just to get rid of her, however this only fueled her desire to milk him for money as two weeks later he was enjoying a drink in a bar in Sosua, when suddenly she turned up with a police officer while yelling out “He’s the man who didn’t pay me for the trip!”. The man asked to speak in private with the National Police Officer who then extorted an additional RD$8,000 out of him. This was RD$2,000 for him he said and RD$6,000 for the girl.

The truth is probably that the girl gets a smaller “tip” and the officer pockets the rest! The same girl was found just outside the same bar just 20 minutes later, when she should have been the one in jail! 

She was no doubt ready for targeting the next victim with the corrupt police as her safety net! Guys – make sure you ask to see the lady’s passport if you suspect she might not be 18 and if she doesn’t have it, then let her go on her way!

So where does the problem really lie? Well as long as Police doesn’t protect the tourists by being honest “field judges”  then the true criminals will keep prevailing, ONLY TO SCARE OFF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF POTENTIAL TOURISTS who all seem to say the same “there’s too much bullshit in this place”. Unfortunately the majority of uniformed personnel especially on the North Coast, are in to every scheme and scam they can get involved in to make an easy buck at someone else’s expense and hardship, especially out of the foreigners who either live here or from the tourists. And it’s not just dangerous here for the sex tourists, as frequently families and individuals are extorted in a multitude of situations from legal matters, road stops, traffic accidents, gaining licenses, real estate etc… etc…

The words “Financial Suicide” quickly comes to mind when one looks at the philosophies of this regions leaders! As the proverb goes “If the fish stinks, it stinks from the head down!” 

Author – Anonymous

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