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Update on La Mulata case: Arrest warrant issued against two former police colonels for irregularities in Sosua

PUERTO PLATA. – The Procurator Fiscal of the Judicial Department issued arrest warrant against two former colonels of the National Police who were fired recently after being accused of committing irregularities in the search of the home in La Mulata III, Sosua almost a year ago.

This information was revealed by the lawyer Jose Carlos Gonzalez, who represents the German citizen Peter Brunck, then a homeowner who was allegedly ransacked by a group of police officers who charged with two boxes containing jewelery and cash amounting to 60 million pesos.

Gonzalez revealed that soon they will culminate the phase of arguments and evidence collection around that case, the Public Ministry represented by Counsel Attorney of Puerto Plata, Judge Núñez Alba Pichardo, proceeded to issue the arrest warrant for former police officers Raymundo de la Rosa Ogando (The Cigarrú) and Roberto Salcedo Santos.  It is recalled that this incident occurred on October 17 last year, resulted in a bloody shootout during which German citizen Peter Ebelrt Demetrick was shot by the agents of the National Police, and  Peter Brunck and Isabella Dietrick Solvey Bosen were arrested, who in turn reported that they were allegedly tortured by the police.

Earlier this week, one of the colonels participated in the raid on the residence of the German citizens in Sosúa, broke away from the bad actions attributed to him and denied that he had anything to do with what had happened in October last year in La Mulata III housing project.

Former Colonel Raymundo de la Rosa Ogando said that supposedly he knew nothing of the money involved in this conflict between the Germans and the police officers who participated in the raid on his property and when asked if he was aware of the existence of this money, merely replied: “I do not know if they had or had not 60 million. I saw a safe. I have not seen anything in it.  De la Rosa Ogando quoted: “Now, we must understand that a Dominican or a foreigner who has all that money, must have a certificate from the Central Bank that credits to have that money in the country.”

He said it started when Mr. Peter Brunck, 61, and son Daniel, were taken at a gunpoint  a higher allocated person from the Ministry of Environment, who went to check the house after he had been alleged that the property had  high caliber weapons. The colonel said he came to La Mulata III with three prosecutors and 20 police officers, to be distributed in the four doors of the house, but when he came up to the front door, the shooting started from the homeowners in that tourism project repudiated the presence of the authorities, claiming that it was private, and immediately undertook shot against police and prosecutors.

Colonel Raymundo de la Rosa Ogando was fired by the National Police Colonel Roberto Salcedo Santos as well as twelve other lower-ranking police officers, as the Council of that institution after research determined that the raid with these agents was executed irregularly.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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